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Chrystopher Mathilde
Re: New first year introductions
Sat Jan 6, 2018 20:35

Hello! I'm a new author here who has been roleplaying on other sites for awhile so I decided to check out this one and enroll. My 1st year is Chrystopher Mathilde, who is the oldest of the family and the big brother to 3 little siblings, the triplets.

  • New first year introductionsDH Skies, Fri Jan 5 06:23
    Hello, Welcome to the Out of Character (OOC) page. This is a place for authors to talk to each other as themselves, though we ask you not to share personal information here. This thread is designed... more
    • New Student!-- Evelyn StonesRejooc, Sat Jul 14 13:51
      Hello, all! Evelyn has just been accepted as a new student for next term and I'm very excited. She's probably technically a first year but her parents homeschooled her for the first year of what... more
      • GreetingsHeadmaster Brockert, Sun Jul 15 08:19
        Hi Evelyn, welcome to Sonora! We're so glad to have you and hope you'll enjoy the site. Just as a side note, in the author box, we use the name of one of our characters.
        • Thank you!Evelyn Stones, Mon Jul 16 00:55
          Thank you! :) Do you know-- when I go to post, next to the Author name box, it has a hyperlink that says "login"? I tried to follow it and setup an account but it still won't actually let me login.... more
          • You're welcome!Headmaster Brockert, Mon Jul 16 07:58
            You're welcome. You don't actually have to worry about logging in.
    • Hello from newbeMasha Adin, Thu Jan 11 05:56
      Hi, my name is Masha (well not in RL but here I'll go by that name). I'm half-blood raised in muggle world but with a good grasp of the magical world as well. My mother is a muggle, archaeologist so... more
    • IntroductionLeslie Poe, Mon Jan 8 13:12
      Hi! So I'm super late for this but here we are. I usually rp on different websites or by email, so I'm new to this site. My character is Leslie Poe, who is a firstie and a muggle raised half-blood.
      • Welcome, and chatzy helpDH Skies, Mon Jan 8 15:55
        Welcome Leslie, great to have you. I saw you were asking in chatzy about how to use it. If you're on a computer, use 'join chat' and then under 'my preferences' you can turn on alerts. This way, you... more
    • Re: New first year introductions — Chrystopher Mathilde, Sat Jan 6 20:35
      • Welcome!DH Skies, Mon Jan 8 15:58
        Welcome Chrystopher. Good to have you. If you would like further advice on using chatzy, please see my post above to Leslie.
    • Introductions Leilani-Alana Akau, Sat Jan 6 19:18
      Hi, Iím the author for a new first-year named Leilani-Alana, but who goes by the nickname of Alana. She hails from Hawaii, but recently moved to Arizona. She has a twin brother, who I may or may not... more
      • Nice to meet you!Michael DiCaprio, Sat Jan 6 19:41
        Hi Leilani! I'm a seasoned author on this site, but have a new one coming in named Michael. He's from Denver, Colorado and he's a half-blood with a younger brother who'll come in later years. Looking ... more
    • IntroductionSylvia Mordue, Fri Jan 5 06:25
      Hi, I am an author with several characters already at this site. My new first year is Sylvia, who is a very proper young Pureblood lady. Although there will be two other characters with the surname... more
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