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Cleo James
Notes about Cleo's powers
Mon Feb 5, 2018 07:07

As you may have noticed, depending on what you’ve read, Cleo is a half veela. As she didn’t know her mother, this was something she was unaware of until now. As there’s quite a lot of gaps in the canon about veela, and Fleur was only a quarter, I thought I’d give a quick run down of how I see things to help people in knowing how their interactions with Cleo are affected. Currently, the other students are not aware that she’s half veela, although prairie elves have started showing up and sitting in on all intermediate classes, and there’s a ghost that seems to haunt the Crotalus Common Room a lot more than before, and no one has explained why to any of you.

You may see things in Cleo’s posts that contradict the following. That’s cos she’s still getting to grips with it, doesn’t fully understand it all, and is upset. It tends to make things mixed up.

The main thing to note, is that people are only affected by her when she is actively using her powers. Sure, she is above average attractive, and it’s possible your character has noticed her and fancies her but it would not affect their behaviour or make them act differently to how they would over a normal girl or guy that they found attractive. Behaviour towards her would only change when she uses her powers. I tend to view this as working a bit like accidental magic at first - not necessarily something she knows how to control, so it may be that she causes incidents without meaning to. I will try to mention in posts if that’s likely, or we can discuss it if you’d particularly like to do a thread of this kind. When veela use their powers people feel ‘an uncontrollable desire to get close to them’ - in the books this includes Ron accidentally asking Fleur to the ball, and Harry and Ron nearly climbing out of their spectators’ boxs to get close to the veela on the pitch. So, blurting, self-destructive or obsessive behaviour, and unsolicited touching are all quite likely reactions *in that moment*. When the blast of veela charm ends, so do the effects. And then you’re back to just being a lusty teenage boy or girl and it being your responsibility that you have dirty thoughts. Just sayin’

I have always assumed veela powers work in line with people's sexuality. E.g. if you're attracted to women, you are attracted to veela. If you are not attracted to women, then you're not.

If you have any questions, please post them here or catch me in chatzy (usually signed in as Dorian Montoir)

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    • Notes about Cleo's powers — Cleo James, Mon Feb 5 07:07
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