Gary Harper
Hunt for Adventure!
Tue Feb 6, 2018 21:39

Gary is looking to start up a Dungeons and Dragons game. He's decided to have some fun, and avoid excessive social interaction at the same time. So, if you've got any interest in seeing what's going on, he's placed five invitations around the school for people who want to have a player's seat at the game table.

  • Club and Quidditch Announcments (nm)DH Skies, Fri Jan 19 08:44
    • Return of Teppadren?Joe Umland, Fri Mar 2 13:29
      Together, my Aladren bretheren, we can rule this Quidditch-Pitch. (By which I mean we've got four/five if Georgia signs up, you've got three, we make at least seven. Louis, Joe would be willing to... more
    • Return of Pecalus?Winston Pierce, Tue Feb 20 13:09
      Hello Ingrid and Simon. As Pecari has five people signed up and Crotalus has two, with little expectation of more unless Sylvia is successful in Housenapping Nathaniel, shall we join together again?... more
      • Works for meIngrid, Sat Feb 24 04:19
        Part of me wants to force Ingrid and Louis to co-captain, which would also work numbers-wise, but she would never go for that IC when she could have the fun of competing with him.
    • Hunt for Adventure! — Gary Harper, Tue Feb 6 21:39
    • Quidditch scheduleDH Skies, Fri Jan 19 08:51
      For the information of the house captains, the schedule for this term is: 26th Jan: sign ups posted 9th Feb: tryouts posted 2nd March: rosters due 23rd March: match 1 Remember, these are the... more
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