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Lily Spencer
Infectious since week 3. (nm)
Thu Feb 8, 2018 16:49

  • SA30 Plot InformationDH Skies, Sat Jan 20 18:01
    Patient Zero has entered the school and is highly infectious! Greetings Sonorans. This term, we will be running a site-wide plot involving a magical illness spreading throughout the school. The... more
    • Infectious since week 3. (nm) — Lily Spencer, Thu Feb 8 16:49
      • Week 2, actuallyDH Skies, Fri Feb 9 23:41
        Hi Lily, Your character is infectious from the point at which they are exposed. For Lily, this was a class posted in week 2. It just keeps things simpler to go from the point of contact in case... more
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