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Fri Feb 9, 2018 07:27

Hmm, yes, just looked that up and found the wiki article. It's frustratingly lacking in sources. However, all forms of mental magic do seem to be things that are based on how susceptible a person is to them, and to be things one can learn to overcome (see imperius, legilimency/occlumency) so it does seem plausible.

It could potentially be something that we work into the storyline. However, as her powers hadn't kicked in until this point, Parker wouldn't have been able to build up an immunity yet (I know you didn't suggest this, but just thinking out loud) - as far as I'm concerned, the only people with natural, non-resistance based immunity are people who are related to her (purely headcanon because otherwise just ew) and people who aren't sexually attracted to women (purely headcanon because... just logic).

But yes, if he gets to the point where he knows what she is and he starts hitting the books, I'm totally fine with him finding information to that effect.

  • Immunity?Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Feb 8 20:44
    So since my only character currently considers Cleo one of his best friends at school (if not his best friend period). I've also been looking up some stuff, and I saw that people who have repeated... more
    • Interesting... — Cleo, Fri Feb 9 07:27
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