Wed Feb 14, 2018 08:03

At the moment, it's meet and greet which is fairly normal. Once the game gets going, there's a few options and/or things to consider

- Posting order:
Normally multi person threads are posted in a set order so that no one gets left behind. This would have advantages and disadvantages for a game, in that everyone gets equal turns, however it might be awkward if two people are working on a thing, and if people need a lot of input from Gary. Quidditch posting goes in whatever order, which keeps things moving fast, and is necessary for Quidditch as it's competitive and not polite and turn-takey, whereas this is co-operate.

Another option, as we might have a lot of short things to say to each other, is to do a cowrite document for it, and then post it when we're happy with it.

It's good that you have an overarching thread. We might not get around to posting out the whole thing, but you can always set up a session with some 'back story' and then we can go for it.

I guess we can try a few different options and see what works.

  • Tag Lily, Conner, Zevalyn, Kir, and ParkerGary Harper, Sun Feb 11 13:07
    The D&D game is about ready to get underway over in the library. Feel free to show up whenever. I'm not entirely sure how to go about this thread, so we'll see how this goes. I've created an... more
    • Next!Gary Harper, Wed Apr 11 22:30
      The next round of the game has been posted. Parker, you're up.
    • Suggestions — Kir, Wed Feb 14 08:03
      • My voteConnor , Wed Feb 14 19:22
        is for the same format as Quidditch usually is. I kind of thought it was that way to start with On the other hand, if there's a six person thread going on, then I don't have to worry about replying... more
        • My non-voteParker, Thu Feb 15 07:13
          I'm game for any of those. As Parker though, just know I'll be traveling for the next week, so it might delay the actual writing of the posts if we go in order.
          • EhGary, Thu Feb 15 19:27
            I hadn't really given to much thought to post order. All I had thought out was to do the overarching thread, then sub-threads for each chunk; introductions, opening scene, encounter 1 to however... more
            • Meh.Lily Spencer, Fri Feb 16 13:57
              I'd previously assumed we'd post Quidditch-style, but I agree with Gary. Experimenting with different posting rules might help us make a decision, though I don't know how to play D&D so I'm not sure... more
              • New Scene upGary Harper, Sun Feb 25 20:34
                There's a new scene up in the library if people want to get the actual game rolling. Shall we try proper posting order for this one?
                • ClarifyingKir, Fri Mar 2 21:06
                  Works for me. Just to clarify... As weíre sticking to turn taking order, Iím guessing this likeÖ class and youíre the teacher? So you will intervene if necessary, otherwise itís going in order that... more
                  • YupGary, Tue Mar 6 20:08
                    I figured it'd be standard post order, I'll go at my normal turn order again after everyone, unless someone clearly pulls Gary into it.
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