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DH Skies
Mon Feb 19, 2018 04:16

Hi all,

At Sonora, we allow characters to have a 'faceclaim.' This is an actor/celebrity who you choose to represent your character, so that others can know more easily what they look like.

If you sign up for an author account (available free through the home page) you are able to create profiles for you characters and upload a picture. Even if you don't do this, people can consult this list to know what your character looks like.

Please bear in mind that you characters are aged 11-18. You are permitted to change faceclaim once only, and it is preferable that you find someone who has been in the public eye during a suitable range of their life to have age appropriate pictures.

On the whole, we prefer minimal reuse of faceclaims. However, in order to ease the pressure on new authors, we will be releasing some claims that were used a very long time ago. Please consult the lists below to see whether a claim is currently in use, or has been used in the past.

There are lots of lists on IMDB etc of teen actors if you need to browse for ideas, and those of us who have been doing this a while can probably offer help and advice in chatzy if you don't know how to find someone suitable.

Let us know if you have any questions.

    • Current claimsDH Skies, Mon Feb 19 04:28
      This is a list of current character claims and recent alumni. The claims of characters who do not complete all seven years will be released at the point at which they would have graduated. Those who... more
      • New ClaimsDaniel, Zev, Jasmine, & Heinrich, Tue Apr 10 10:54
        Daniel Nash has outgrown Hunter Gomez and takes David Boreanaz as his adult face. Jasmine puts her dibs in on Bailee Madison Zevalyn has been using Lizzy Greene Heinrich claims Kenton Duty
      • Historic ClaimsDH Skies, Mon Feb 19 04:30
        Claims that did not graduate. These claims were made but the characters were either formally withdrawn or never graduated. They are therefore open to reuse. The list is maintained as some authors... more
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