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Connor Priory
Question for Gary
Sat Mar 3, 2018 12:33

It says in the D and D post that Gary met up with everyone to tell them when and where to meet. Would Connor have been able to take this opportunity to ask about elves as he clearly is thinking of house elves?

  • Other (nm)DH Skies, Fri Jan 19 08:38
    • Question for Gary — Connor Priory, Sat Mar 3 12:33
      • Answer for ConnorGary Harper, Sat Mar 3 17:55
        Absolutely. Gary is not shy in talking about his hobby. He would have happily answered any and all questions that Connor, or anyone else would have had during that meet-up. He definitely would have... more
    • Notes about Cleo's powersCleo James, Mon Feb 5 07:07
      As you may have noticed, depending on what youíve read, Cleo is a half veela. As she didnít know her mother, this was something she was unaware of until now. As thereís quite a lot of gaps in the... more
      • Immunity?Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Feb 8 20:44
        So since my only character currently considers Cleo one of his best friends at school (if not his best friend period). I've also been looking up some stuff, and I saw that people who have repeated... more
        • Interesting...Cleo, Fri Feb 9 07:27
          Hmm, yes, just looked that up and found the wiki article. It's frustratingly lacking in sources. However, all forms of mental magic do seem to be things that are based on how susceptible a person is... more
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