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DH Skies
SA30 Plot
Fri Apr 27, 2018 07:26

To keep the list easy to follow, I am restarting it here. If your character is still infected, please relist them here with 'since before Midterm.' If your character becomes infected, please list them with the week number provided below.

Reminder regarding plot info: the effects of the illness are (up to) 3 bursts of accidental magic, followed by developing a high fever. Once the fever is cured, your character’s illness is finished, and they cannot catch it again.

In order to catch the disease, you need to have direct contact with a carrier. This means being in a thread with someone who has the disease. Being in the same class/house etc is not enough - you must post with them OR have a very close connection that means contact would be inevitable (e.g. roommates, your characters are dating etc).

Any questions, ask in chatzy

Week 1: Friday, April 20th
Week 2: Friday, April 27th
Week 3: Friday, May 4th
Week 4: Friday, May 11th
Week 5: Friday, May 18th
Week 6: Friday, May 25th
Week 7: Friday, June 1st
Week 8: Friday, June 8th
Week 9: Friday, June 15th
Week 10: Friday, June 22nd
Week 11: Friday, June 29th

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