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Sun Apr 29, 2018 18:34

Are we waiting for one 'patient zero' type person to start this off, or can multiple people start chains?

  • Challenge the thirdTatiana Vorontsova, Sun Apr 29 12:27
    Some would say April ends tomorrow, but we are wizards and we have fuzzytime, so here is your final challenge, to be followed so long as the game amuses us - have one of your characters tag someone... more
    • Question — Selina, Sun Apr 29 18:34
      • AnswerTatiana , Mon Apr 30 21:38
        Multiple chains perfectly acceptable, yes.
        • VolunteeringCleo, Wed May 2 09:08
          If anyone wants to use Cleo being especially veela-some as an excuse for why their character is approaching/talking to her, I am up for that.
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