Sun May 6, 2018 13:18

I might be interested if you can put up with the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing.

  • I've done something... foolishGary Harper, Sun May 6 12:49
    This is mainly aimed at the D&D group, but could be for anyone that is interested. I've started to put the Library D&D game into a program I have called Fantasy Grounds. It allows you to to play D&D... more
    • SchedulingGary, Mon May 7 21:47
      How would a Friday evening, 8:30 or 9pm EST starting time work for people? If you've got other suggestions, post them and we'll figure something out. Also, if anyone wants to play around with the... more
      • Works for meKir McLeod, Mon May 7 21:54
        Hi Gary, Yeah, that's great for me. That'll be my Saturday morning. The only upcoming Saturday I know I'm not available is the 19th for the exceptionally Kir reason that I will be going to a Pride... more
        • As for me...Connor, Tue May 8 13:21
          I probably can do a Friday after 8PM Central. But maybe not this Friday as I'm sick. :(
          • UghGary, Thu May 10 21:23
            Sorry to hear that, hopefully you feel better soon.
            • YeahConnor, Fri May 11 13:47
    • Nice!Kir, Mon May 7 09:24
      I will definitely check that out. As for scheduling a real time thing, I seem to spend a fair amount of time online at the same time as Sonora authors. I'm a straight up 12hrs out from you and... more
    • OOoh — Connor, Sun May 6 13:18
      • Minor detailsGary, Sun May 6 14:45
        Nobody does when they start something new. Actually, we could use it to play out your turn as well. The communication is completely text based, and it records a log... the log could be cleaned up a... more
        • Hmmm...Connor, Sun May 6 14:58
          Okay, should we set up a time?
          • SureGary, Sun May 6 15:40
            Does 8:30ish EST today work for you? Will that give you enough time to download and install?
            • UmConnor, Sun May 6 16:20
              Later this week might be better
              • OkGary, Sun May 6 16:53
                When works for you?
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