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Winston Pierce
Caitlin, tag for you at Christmas Dinner
Mon May 7, 2018 13:47

Just a few weeks behind the times...

  • Tags (nm)DH Skies, Fri Apr 27 07:21
    • Caitlin, tag for you at Christmas Dinner — Winston Pierce, Mon May 7 13:47
    • Lily's turn at D&DGary Harper, Tue May 1 11:54
      Zevalyn participated in Kir's post over in the library.
      • Help.Lily Spencer, Wed May 2 14:46
        I'm new at this game in RL, so could you quickly explain how rolling the dice works if Lily wants to attack?
        • No problemGary Harper, Wed May 2 22:29
          No worries, have you seen the shared folder that Zev's author set up? Ronin's character sheet is in there, as well as a started document like we did with Kir's post. If you didn't get the share check ... more
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