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OOC award nominations
Fri Jun 29, 2018 23:53

Hey everyone,

Last year, we introduced some awards to celebrate some hard working members of our community. You can view the winners, along with the in character awards for our graduating seventh years here We'll be doing the same this year, and working on giving them a more visible place on the site.

A lot of the awards centred around most-ness. Most posted character, longest thread etc, and we recognise that this doesn't capture all of the awesomeness that goes on here. We'd like to give out some "author's choice" awards, for the things that you all have enjoyed about this year. It can be a single post or thread that made you laugh/cry/smile, it can be a personal plot arch, or a club that someone started. It can be anything - anything that made you particularly enjoy Sonora.

You cannot nominate yourself, although you can nominate something your character is involved in - e.g. if you have particularly enjoyed being a member of a club, you can nominate the person who founded it.

Please email your nominations to the Sonora Chairs email (linked from the author box) before July 20th.

  • Other (nm)DH Skies, Fri Apr 27 07:21
    • OOC award nominations — DH Skies, Fri Jun 29 23:53
      • Favorite thread of the yearParker, Sat Jun 30 12:28
        I personally would like to nominate almost every thread between Dorian and Jehan. Specifically though their thread: What if? in MARS.
    • Dance lessons in MARSDH Skies, Tue Jun 26 08:29
      For anyone in need of help, the MARS portraits are available to instruct you here .
    • I've done something... foolishGary Harper, Sun May 6 12:49
      This is mainly aimed at the D&D group, but could be for anyone that is interested. I've started to put the Library D&D game into a program I have called Fantasy Grounds. It allows you to to play D&D... more
      • SchedulingGary, Mon May 7 21:47
        How would a Friday evening, 8:30 or 9pm EST starting time work for people? If you've got other suggestions, post them and we'll figure something out. Also, if anyone wants to play around with the... more
        • Works for meKir McLeod, Mon May 7 21:54
          Hi Gary, Yeah, that's great for me. That'll be my Saturday morning. The only upcoming Saturday I know I'm not available is the 19th for the exceptionally Kir reason that I will be going to a Pride... more
          • As for me...Connor, Tue May 8 13:21
            I probably can do a Friday after 8PM Central. But maybe not this Friday as I'm sick. :(
            • UghGary, Thu May 10 21:23
              Sorry to hear that, hopefully you feel better soon.
              • YeahConnor, Fri May 11 13:47
      • Nice!Kir, Mon May 7 09:24
        I will definitely check that out. As for scheduling a real time thing, I seem to spend a fair amount of time online at the same time as Sonora authors. I'm a straight up 12hrs out from you and... more
      • OOohConnor, Sun May 6 13:18
        I might be interested if you can put up with the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing.
        • Minor detailsGary, Sun May 6 14:45
          Nobody does when they start something new. Actually, we could use it to play out your turn as well. The communication is completely text based, and it records a log... the log could be cleaned up a... more
          • Hmmm...Connor, Sun May 6 14:58
            Okay, should we set up a time?
            • SureGary, Sun May 6 15:40
              Does 8:30ish EST today work for you? Will that give you enough time to download and install?
              • UmConnor, Sun May 6 16:20
                Later this week might be better
                • OkGary, Sun May 6 16:53
                  When works for you?
    • Advertise, please!DH Skies, Sat May 5 02:25
      It's post Midterm, which means it's time to advertise. We've already got one new recruit, so let's hope this is a sign of good things to come! There are 3 ways to advertise that we have known to work ... more
    • Challenge the thirdTatiana Vorontsova, Sun Apr 29 12:27
      Some would say April ends tomorrow, but we are wizards and we have fuzzytime, so here is your final challenge, to be followed so long as the game amuses us - have one of your characters tag someone... more
      • QuestionSelina, Sun Apr 29 18:34
        Are we waiting for one 'patient zero' type person to start this off, or can multiple people start chains?
        • AnswerTatiana , Mon Apr 30 21:38
          Multiple chains perfectly acceptable, yes.
          • VolunteeringCleo, Wed May 2 09:08
            If anyone wants to use Cleo being especially veela-some as an excuse for why their character is approaching/talking to her, I am up for that.
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