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DH Skies
Current claims
Sat Jul 28, 2018 03:18

This is a list of current character claims and recent alumni. The claims of characters who do not complete all seven years will be released at the point at which they would have graduated. Those who graduated will be reserved for one full character cycle (7 years) or as long as their author requests.

Current students:

Seventh Years:

Brockert, Angelique - Anna Mae Routledge

Collindale, Kyte - Tristan Lake Leabu

Collindale, Raine - Lucy Boynton

DeBois, Natasha - Isabella Murad

Dempsey, Cameron - Jesse Spencer

Fintac, Daniel - Jake Johnson

Pierce, Benjamin - David Mezouz

Reed, Nevaeh - Coco Jones

Riker, Cassius - Ricky Ullman

Umland, Joseph - Dylan Sprouse

Valenti, Gabriel - Dylan Everett

Varth, Natalie - Theresa Palmer

Whittaker, Theresa - Kiernan Shipka

Sixth Years:

Brockert, Juniper - Caitlin EJ Meyer

Carey, Cecilia - Isabelle Allen

Dautin, Madeleine - Rosie Tupper

Ives, Zevalyn - Lizzy Greene

Evreux, Sebastien - Leonardo Decaprio

King, Cassandra - Miranda Kerr

Kirkly, Georgia - Ada Nicole Sanger

Scott, Finbar - Evan Peters

Sparks, Jozua - Hunter Wilichoski

Spencer, Joclyn - Aishwarya Rai

Spencer, Lily - Kate Maberly

Tate, Arianna - Daveigh Chase

Valenti, Arianna - Victoria Justice

Welsh, Farrah - Mackenzie Foy

Fifth Years:

Atwater, Natalie - Crystal Reed

Bly, Salali - Amber Midthunder

Brockert, Emerald - Sarah Bolger

Callahan, Victor - Anton Yelchin

Fintoc, Gwen - Annalise Basso

Graphorn, Magnus IV - Charles Vandervaart

Helms, Conrad

Layne, Amelia

Matherson, Sawyer - Graham Rogers

Mordue, Simon

McCarthy, Lina

McLeod, Kir - Levi Miller

Newell, Florence - Joey King

Pierce, Winston - Zach Mills

Powell, Luke - Peyton Meyer

Reid, Kit - Britt McKillip

Song, Isaac - Lee Hyun Woo

Tremaine, Ayla - Dove Cameron

Fourth Years:
Aalto, Loren

Brockert, Ivy - Rowan Blanchard

James, Cleo - Annasophia Robb

Leifsson, Alessandra

Leifsson, Madison

Manger, Eden

Newell, Brett

Priory, Connor - Chandler Riggs

White, Jennifer

Third Years
Brockert, Ruby - Kaitlyn Dever

Brockert, Vladimir - Gulliver McGrath

Callahan, Jehan - Troye Sivan

Delachene, Jasmine - Bailee Madison

Fitzgerald, Parker - Romeo Beckham

Harper, Gary

Montoir, Dorian - Samuel Patrick Chu

O'Malley, Peyton - Ashley Boettcher

Vorontsov, Tatiana - Lynne Frederick.

Second Years
Adin, Masha

DiCaprio, Michael - Michael Angarano

Hemp, Leilani-Alana

Hexenmeister, Heinrich - Kenton Duty

Hubber, Marianne

Maitlin, Chrystopher

Mordue, Nathaniel

Mordue, Sylvia

Pierce, Caitlin - Mary Mouser

Tate, Beauregard - Ricardo Hoyos

Recent graduates:

These characters have not yet been graduated for a full cycle and are not yet available for reuse:

Arbon, Effie – Dakota Fanning

Brockert, Amity – Abigail Mavity

Campbell, Neeka – Keke Palmer

Canterbury, Wendy – Chloe Mortez

Pierce, Annabelle – Isabel Fuhrman

Pierce, Annette – Isabel Fuhrman

Princeton, Rupert – Ross Lynch

Bellrose, Virginia – Lily Collins

Bennett, Gemma – Julia Winter

Boxton-Fox-Reynolds, Charles – Lou Wegner

Collins, Willow – Jenna Boyd

RunningBear, Keme – Boo Boo Stewart

Spencer, Adam – Charlie Rowe

Umland, Julian – Amy Diamond

Wolseithcrafte, Francesca - Clémence Poésy

Dobson, Portia - Kylie Jenner

Fletcher, Ava – Barbara Palvin

Jareau, Chloe - Alexandria Deberry

Kijewski-Jareau, Emery – Aaron Johnson

Lucan, Emrys - Eugene Simon

Manger, Arnold - Kai James

Park, Ji-un – IU

Princeton, Leo - Jeremy Sumpter

Spaulding, Tristan - Aaron Carter

Spencer, Charlotte - Gabriella Wilde

Vandenburg, Eleanor - Kristin Kreuk

Bannister, Liliana - Thylane Blondeau

Brockert, Duncan - Charlie McDermott

Brockert, Serena - Sierra McCormick

Primred, Atlas - Yamada Ryosuke

Wolseithcrafte, Theodore - Gig Morton


Brockert, Chaslyn - Kirsten Prout

Dill, Clark - Ricky Schroder

Ferguson, Oliver II - Grant Gustin

Manger, Jacob - Asa Butterfield

Park, Ji-Won - Park Gun Tae

Westley, Lena - Maria Ehrich

Westley, Olivier - Gregg Sulkin


Arbon, Araceli - Elle Fanning

Brockert, Savannah - Natasha Calis

Brockert, Scarlett - Natasha Calis

Curtis, Joella - Noah Cyrus

Newell, Makenzie - Mary Kate Wiles

O’Neil, Aiden - Matthew Lewis

Reinhardt, Liac - Colin Ford

Shinohara, Uzume - Sayu Kubota

Umland, John - Bill Milner


Atwater, Kelsey - Troian Bellisario

Brockert, Owen - Dan Benson

Fintac, Charles - Tucker Albrizzi

Johnson, Alistair - Paris Brosnan

Meeks, Samantha - Maisie Williams

Nicholls, Aislinn - Aislinn Paul

Nicholls, Sutton - Aislinn Paul

Pierce, Ginger - Haley Ramm

Song, Lauren - Kim So Hyun

Spencer, John - Leo Legrand

Wolseithcrafte, Jemima - Sophie Nélisse


Brockert, Fabian - Dylan Schmid

De La Garza, Abigail - Madison De La Garza

Newell, Dustin - Jackson Pace

Scott, Emilia-Louise - Emily Grace Reaves

Spaulding, Kira - Hayley McFarland

Valois, Louis - Francisco Lachowski

Wolseithcrafte, Ingrid - Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Wu, Peizhi - Jaio Xu

  • FaceclaimsDH Skies, Sat Jul 28 03:10
    Hi all, At Sonora, we allow characters to have a 'faceclaim.' This is an actor/celebrity who you choose to represent your character, so that others can know more easily what they look like. If you... more
    • Current claims — DH Skies, Sat Jul 28 03:18
      • Our FaceclaimsTabitha/Malikhi/Julius, Mon Aug 27 13:08
        Professor Tabitha Hawthorne - Nicole Weaver Malikhi Hill - Alex Pettyfer (author for Cepheus Princeton has approved my usage of this faceclaim) Julius Astley - Aramis Knight
      • I shall look like...Katerina Vorontsov, Mon Aug 13 20:44
        ...Leonor, Princess of Asturias.
      • Ours!Brett Newell and Eden Manger, Sat Aug 4 11:20
        Brett: Art Parkinson Eden: Eden McCoy
      • ClaimsAllegra and Topaz Brockert, Sat Jul 28 16:21
        Allegra-Grace Victoria Cox Topaz-Grace Phipps
      • Historic ClaimsDH Skies, Sat Jul 28 03:23
        Claims that did not graduate. These claims were made but the characters were either formally withdrawn or never graduated. They are therefore open to reuse. The list is maintained as some authors... more
        • FaceclaimsEvelyn Stones/Mary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 20:11
          Professor: Brooding, Mary - Model Student (First Year): Stones, Evelyn - Nastya Kusakina
          • An updateEvelyn Stones/Mary Brooding, Wed Aug 1 23:20
            As it turns out, Mary's model is a person with a name and stuff! Brooding, Mary: Katie Melua
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