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DH Skies
Advanced Fuzzy Time
Fri Aug 3, 2018 05:43

Now that all boards are about to be opened, I thought I would give some more specific guidelines on good fuzzy time practice (aka Fuzzy Time Strikes Back aka With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility aka How Not to Break The Universe)

- Roughly follow the progression of time
Just because a post *can* be set any time between now and Midterm doesn't mean it should be. It's probably a tad early to start working on your characters' Christmas gift exchanges with their pals.... Try to keep events posted in the beginning/middle/end part of the term as appropriate

- Wait if something big is going to happen
If there is a thread that would majorly alter your character's mood for A Period Of Time (they're asking someone out, they're having a fight, they have an important Quidditch match) wait for it to be resolved before posting elsewhere, especially if the content of the second thread is likely to be affected by the outcome of the first.

- Don't criss-cross
Let's say Cleo is talking to Mary in one thread, and Parker in another. I am posting both at once, but they are set at different times. In the thread with Mary, I reference something from the conversation with Parker. Later, I forget this, and reference something Mary said in the conversation with Parker. WHOOPS. I just broke time and created a mobius strip of conversation. This is bad. Don't do it.

Some steps to avoid criss-crossing are:
- Keep threads in the order they were started in. Even though the RL date doesn't relate to the Sonora date, this is just a handy way to keep track
- Mutually agree an event order with all involved
- Go with clues from the posts. If someone references autumn and another says it's snowing, you know which came first

Have fun, any questions, ask here or in chatzy.

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