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Mangers, etc.
A serious moment
Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:08

Hello everyone. I have something upsetting that should be acknowledged. Yesterday I was informed that one of our former authors, Maria, passed away on Saturday, August 25th. Maria was an author here for several years and wrote Sophia Randolph, Valentina Bentacourt, Lucrezia Renaldi, and former Headmaster David Regal, as well as several others. I do not know the exact cause of her death, but I do know that she was in the midst of what was not her first bout with cancer, and I suspect that is the cause. I was informed this by a friend from another website Maria and I both wrote at, who had heard after another friend from that website was contacted via instagram by Maria’s family. Maria was someone I was very close to for the last eight years, which is most of my development into becoming an adult, and I was very fortunate to know her. I am very glad that I got to meet her last December. She will be deeply, deeply missed.

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