Re: Connections
Fri Jan 11, 2019 23:07

Ok, sounds good.

If her brother or any other family are into school Quidditch, they would undoubtedly know his brother.

Currently the characters I have at L'Institut are:

Matthieu Montoir (sixth year, Beater - ideally heading for house and/or school captaincy as he's Quidditch obsessed), and Émilie Montoir (third) and Luc No-Surname-As-of-Yet (fifth year and Beater) all in Requins.

Charlotte (third) and her as yet unnamed older brother (fifth), who play Seeker and Beater in A Different House (or whose preferred positions would be - obviously they might still be reserves, especially Charlotte).

Am not expecting you to need to use much of that or tie in with it. They aren't very active characters and are more people to give me personal plot points but just in case you need to know, especially if we end up trying to fill out Quidditch teams. Let me know if you want any more or to do things. You're always welcome to email or chatzy me.

I hope it's ok that I've been populating wizarding Canada. I think I did check with Jehan's author when I very first made the Montoirs, though they keep making new friends and thus growing the numbers.

  • Re: ConnectionsBeatriz, Fri Jan 11 22:42
    Yes, assuming they know of/recognize each other sounds good to me. Although Beatriz divides her time between Quebec and Texas, she has a lot of influential family there and would attend quite a lot... more
    • Re: Connections — Dorian, Fri Jan 11 23:07
      • Re: ConnectionsBeatriz, Fri Jan 11 23:12
        Yes, her brother Felix is also starting his 1st year and hoping to get onto the team as Chaser - which should likely be successful as he is a good player, so should be in a house team at least. And... more
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