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Concert Brainstorming Session is Posted In Aladren! (nm)
Thu Jan 31, 2019 21:03

  • OtherNathan Xavier, Fri Jan 4 12:45
    Any other business that does not fit under the existing headings, including notifications of absences etc
    • Database ProblemNathan Xavier, Thu Apr 4 23:43
      We are currently experiencing a problem connecting to our database. This is causing server errors on many pages. I've quick-patched better error handling on the main page and the disc app headers so... more
      • I think I've got it fixedNathan Xavier, Fri Apr 5 14:50
        If you see any problems, please let me know.
        • Data LossNathan Xavier, Sat Apr 6 10:33
          Unfortunately, do to the nature of the problem that caused the issue this week, we have lost all data entered into the database since the last back-up on March 13. So, if you made profile changes,... more
    • New Site Look!Nathan Xavier, Fri Mar 22 16:06
      As you all probably noticed, our site has gotten a new look! There were a couple problems in the update, so you may need to reload your profile pictures.
    • Server Migration Nathan Xavier, Mon Mar 11 06:52
      I was sent an email from my hosting company that our website is being migrated to a new server due to hardware problems on the current one. I was not told when this is happening or how long it will... more
    • *tiptoes back in* Sorry for my absence lately...Christabel Davidson, Mon Mar 4 14:53
      I'm afraid I've been ill with the flu and associated brain fog. I'm pretty much recovered now so please accept my apologies and I'll get to my replies as soon as I can!
      • Welcome back!Sophia Priory, Mon Mar 4 15:40
        Glad you're feeling better
    • Authors' Choice AwardsDH Skies, Sat Feb 16 07:31
      Hey all, I've been kind of lagging with the awards from last term. Sorry about that, but it's getting sorted now. But there's one that I can't do by myself and that's... The Authors' Choice awards!... more
      • Author's ChoiceHexenmeisters, et al, Mon Feb 18 20:54
        I nominate Tabitha and Mary's joint Advanced DADA lesson on mental magics. Advanced classes don't often get a lot of posts, but that one did. Good job, professors!
      • I nominate The Post Mary Brooding, etc. , Mon Feb 18 20:31
        It has to be nominated. http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=244183;article=1118;title=MARS
      • Longest post contenders?DH Skies, Sat Feb 16 23:35
        Also, we typically give an award for the longest single post. Anyone remember anyone getting particularly verbose last year? If you believe it might be you, you can put one of your own posts forward... more
    • Yo TeppsGeorgia and Kir, Sat Feb 16 05:26
      It seems like the general consensus so far is pop songs? I'm going to try to move things forward so if anyone wants the act to be something radically different than song and dance numbers, please... more
    • Elective Classes and Academic Support Sign-UpNathan Xavier, Thu Jan 31 19:25
      Just so people know who is supposed to be in their optional classes, we have set up a google spreadsheet tracking who is taking what. Please make your mark for your Advanced and Intermediate students ... more
    • Message for Jozua’s author.Lily Spencer, Sat Jan 19 02:48
      Since I’m never in Chatzy, I’ve included my email here so we could have a chat about Lily and Jozua’s relationship and possibly do some plotting about their future if you’re interested.
    • Dearly beloved, I must gather you here today....Tatiana et al, Sun Jan 13 15:10
      ...to tell you Friend Computer appears to have died/entered some kind of persistent vegetative state where yesterday I could login but not do anything but today won’t even let me log in. I still have ... more
      • Status updateTatiana, Tue Jan 15 14:26
        When I tried turning it on yesterday, Friend Computer said 'getting ready...' with a spinner and blue background, and has been working without issues ever since. So...false alarm I guess? *knocks on... more
      • Good luck! (nm)Nathan et al, Sun Jan 13 20:52
      • OuchDorian, Sun Jan 13 18:08
        *points wand at computer* Enervate!
    • Connections (fao Beatriz)Dorian, Fri Jan 11 21:28
      Given both characters' connections to Quebec and L'Institut, we should probably work out at some stage whether they know each other/how well. I tend to think kids don't go to so many balls but would... more
      • Re: ConnectionsBeatriz, Fri Jan 11 22:42
        Yes, assuming they know of/recognize each other sounds good to me. Although Beatriz divides her time between Quebec and Texas, she has a lot of influential family there and would attend quite a lot... more
        • Re: ConnectionsDorian, Fri Jan 11 23:07
          Ok, sounds good. If her brother or any other family are into school Quidditch, they would undoubtedly know his brother. Currently the characters I have at L'Institut are: Matthieu Montoir (sixth... more
          • Re: ConnectionsBeatriz, Fri Jan 11 23:12
            Yes, her brother Felix is also starting his 1st year and hoping to get onto the team as Chaser - which should likely be successful as he is a good player, so should be in a house team at least. And... more
    • FaceclaimsDH Skies, Sun Jan 6 03:33
      Hi all, At Sonora, we allow characters to have a 'faceclaim.' This is an actor/celebrity who you choose to represent your character, so that others can know more easily what they look like. If you... more
      • Their names are too long together. Jezebel and Friederike Albert , Sun Jun 23 00:34
        Jezebel: Logan Browning. Friederike Albert: Nico Liersch.
      • Current claimsDH Skies, Sun Jan 6 04:22
        This is a list of current character claims and recent alumni. The claims of characters who do not complete all seven years will be released at the point at which they would have graduated or by... more
      • Historic ClaimsDH Skies, Sun Jan 6 03:41
        Claims that did not graduate. These claims were made but the characters were either formally withdrawn or never graduated. They are therefore open to reuse. The list is maintained as some authors... more
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