Evelyn Stones
Social for me!
Sat Apr 6, 2019 23:52

I like the idea of the more social side of things, but that's also coming from someone who doesn't necessarily have anyone on the team. (I'm not sure who's on the team this year??). If non-players can have social posts regardless, then I don't know that my opinion means a lot there. I'd definitely be more likely to have my students go out for Quidditch and be more active in the future if it was social focused.

Fast and the furious could go really well, I think, and be a lot of fun, OR be really confusing. I wonder whether we could host Quidditch matches in Chatzy? So it's still in order and easy to see, but a bit quicker paced? That may take some finagling and/or require a separate room. I know that switching between characters quickly can be difficult, so it may be easier in that case to mark each post as you post it in that case. I don't know!

Thanks for all you work.

  • Quidditch - opinionsDH Skies, Sat Apr 6 23:48
    We'll be having some sort of match/event during this half of term. Quidditch as previously written was found to be time consuming and confusing, so we're trying to think of ways to change this up.... more
    • Social for me! — Evelyn Stones, Sat Apr 6 23:52
      • OptionsDH Skies, Sat Apr 6 23:59
        In terms of who is on the team, last year we had an "IC offical first string" (i.e. those who would play matches on the school's behalf) but we set up Quidditch posting so that anyone with an... more
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