DH Skies
Sat Apr 6, 2019 23:59

In terms of who is on the team, last year we had an "IC offical first string" (i.e. those who would play matches on the school's behalf) but we set up Quidditch posting so that anyone with an interest could participate. I assume we'd do something similar with whatever we post this year - the main purpose is to give those who want to a chance to do so.

In terms of social, Quidditch players would always be welcome to write post-training things, e.g. in the locker room without any site input, if they want a chance to know their teammates better. I admit that a roster so you know who is who on the team would help so I'll make sure that gets done.

I think if doing F&F, it might be better to have it on a site board - it just keeps everything in the same place and means there's a record of the match. Stuff gets pushed out of chatzy or unused rooms expire, so it might be a risk to use that even with a separate room.

  • Social for me!Evelyn Stones, Sat Apr 6 23:52
    I like the idea of the more social side of things, but that's also coming from someone who doesn't necessarily have anyone on the team. (I'm not sure who's on the team this year??). If non-players... more
    • Options — DH Skies, Sat Apr 6 23:59
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