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In Character Quidditch Roster
Sat Apr 13, 2019 22:06

Below is listed how the positions would have been assigned for the whole school team. This is primarily based on IC reasons to give the school the strongest team possible. I have only used OOC factors where there was not a clear cut IC reason. I have also tried to maximise the opportunities for people to claim involvement and say their character is getting chances to develop.

There will also be a separate list with the combinations for in school matches, which will be based on a combination of IC ability, and OOC contributions in order to try to yield balanced teams.

Lily - Captain
(*alternates for some matches - I figured that Malikhi, Beatriz and Heinrich, would have similar levels of ability. I have therefore used OOC activity, and the fact that Heinrich made it to tryouts as a tie breaker. However, for character development, Beatriz and Malikhi would be welcome to say they were subbed in for some away matches).

Simon Mordue
Hilda Hexenmeister*
(*as above. Luke has physical size on his side but is an inexperienced player. Hilda has experience in the position but is smaller, but OOC posted at tryouts. Luke can be subbed in for some matches for character development. JD and Ness would not play Beater in away matches but would be given the chance to develop their skills during training).

Alternates between all who tried out (Jozua, Isaac, Nathaniel)
(Jozua and Isaac both credited for posted at try outs, but IC Nathaniel is likely to be the better player)

Winston Pierce
(Evelyn and Jeremy are given opportunities to develop their skills during training sessions).

Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

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    Notifications about Quidditch will be posted here. Students are also welcome to post club matters, such as membership lists or announcements of meetings.
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          In terms of who is on the team, last year we had an "IC offical first string" (i.e. those who would play matches on the school's behalf) but we set up Quidditch posting so that anyone with an... more
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