Evelyn Stones
Adventure Play
Mon Apr 15, 2019 02:50

Adventure speaks to Evelyn's soul. I think she'd like any sort of stunt or performance based activity, but would be happy to help behind the scenes with setbuilding and such too.

  • Pecaris: your votes are needed!Lily Spencer, Sat Apr 13 11:36
    It seems like we've got two options at the moment: 1. Quidditch 2. An adventure play Please vote on either the first or second option and what role you'd like to have. Lily herself is biased towards... more
    • Adventure Play — Evelyn Stones, Mon Apr 15 02:50
    • Re: Pecaris: your votes are needed!Hilda, Sat Apr 13 19:09
      Hilda doesn’t really know what’s going on, but she recognizes the word for Quidditch so if she understood a vote was happening, that’s what she’d vote for. She will gladly fly a broom but she wants... more
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