Headmaster Brockert
Head Student ballots are up (nm)
Sat May 25, 2019 03:07

  • OtherDH Skies, Sat Apr 6 23:41
    Any other business that does not fit under the existing headings, including notifications of absences etc
    • Head Student ballots are up (nm) — Headmaster Brockert, Sat May 25 03:07
    • Teppenpaw photos and concert thingsDorian, Fri May 24 23:46
      Hi Tepps, Please see the notice in Tepp asking for photos. If your character would have submitted photos, please comment here with descriptions of what they show or DM me. I will be writing up... more
    • CrotalusArianna Tate, Tue Apr 30 14:16
      I guess we're doing classical music. If anyone has other thoughts, feel free to make suggestions. Particularly for the people who don't play an instrument.
      • AddendumArianna, Tue Apr 30 14:26
        I guess the non-musicians are doing a choreographed dance routine.
    • Pecaris: your votes are needed!Lily Spencer, Sat Apr 13 11:36
      It seems like we've got two options at the moment: 1. Quidditch 2. An adventure play Please vote on either the first or second option and what role you'd like to have. Lily herself is biased towards... more
      • Adventure PlayEvelyn Stones, Mon Apr 15 02:50
        Adventure speaks to Evelyn's soul. I think she'd like any sort of stunt or performance based activity, but would be happy to help behind the scenes with setbuilding and such too.
      • Re: Pecaris: your votes are needed!Hilda, Sat Apr 13 19:09
        Hilda doesn’t really know what’s going on, but she recognizes the word for Quidditch so if she understood a vote was happening, that’s what she’d vote for. She will gladly fly a broom but she wants... more
    • AladrensZevalyn , Wed Apr 10 13:42
      So ... we’re going to do a play interspersed with demonstrations. We’re going to need volunteers for 2 actors (or more if we have a lot of volunteers), 1 narrator, and some people to demonstrate... more
      • On stage roleNess, Sat Apr 13 20:41
        Ness would like an onstage role and would happily be an actor, narrator or demonstrator.
      • Backstage VolunteerHeinrich , Wed Apr 10 13:49
        Heinrich volunteers to make some set pieces and can be persuaded to take a small role if pressed
    • Concert PlansDH Skies, Sun Apr 7 00:08
      Just a reminder to prefects (especially seventh year ones) that concert plans were kinda due in at Midterm. Some of the meetings were less active than others, and I do understand it's not always easy ... more
    • Data LossNathan, Sat Apr 6 23:46
      At the beginning of the week, there were some issues with the site. Unfortunately, do to the nature of the problem that caused the issue, we have lost all data entered into the database since the... more
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