Jezebel and Friederike Albert
Their names are too long together.
Sun Jun 23, 2019 00:34

Jezebel: Logan Browning.
Friederike Albert: Nico Liersch.

  • FaceclaimsDH Skies, Sun Jan 6 03:33
    Hi all, At Sonora, we allow characters to have a 'faceclaim.' This is an actor/celebrity who you choose to represent your character, so that others can know more easily what they look like. If you... more
    • Their names are too long together. — Jezebel and Friederike Albert , Sun Jun 23 00:34
    • Historic ClaimsDH Skies, Sun Jan 6 03:41
      Claims that did not graduate. These claims were made but the characters were either formally withdrawn or never graduated. They are therefore open to reuse. The list is maintained as some authors... more
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