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Prof. Isis Carter
Disarm and alarm [Years III-V]
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:00

“Hello, everyone,” greeted the professor standing at the front of the classroom, but it was not their usual professor. On the contrary, today, Defense Against the Dark Arts was taught by their favorite on-call substitute, Professor Isis Carter. “As you have probably gathered, Professor Pye couldn’t join us today. He’s caught a rather nasty something or another. But don’t worry, he’s shared with me his lesson plan, so we’ll be doing exactly what he wanted to do with you: starting your series on dueling.” He’d been quite a disaster at breakfast when he’d hunted her down, honestly, and she was quick to take the plans from him and send him back to bed.

“As the fourth and fifth years can attest, dueling is something you will visit throughout the year,” Isis explained, “but for you third years just now joining the Intermediate level, you will have to begin by learning Expelliarmus, the disarming spell. Now, I won’t occupy your time too much, but quickly first, watch me demonstrate the proper wand movement.” Isis produced her wand from her pocket and, without accompanying incantation, showed the correct movement, a distinct swirl. “Using this will make your opponent release whatever they are holding. In this case, you are hoping to free them of their wand.”

Isis glanced between students. “Now, pair up and do your best. Third years, stick to this disarming spell and the full body-bind curse Petrificus Totalus. Fourth and fifth years, you are free to utilize what you have learned, but don’t do anything that will take more than a counter-curse for me to fix. Please stand up and move up to the front of the classroom so that I can move the desks and free up the space for you.” When her instructions were followed, she waved her wand, and all of the desks quickly moved to either side of the classroom. “Okay, let’s get to dueling!” She knew Alfie was sad to miss their first dueling day of the year, but it was imperative for his health. Isis had seen him looking pretty sorry previously, but today he seemed exceptionally beaten down. He could sleep while she, reluctantly, watched his students blast one another.

OOC: All mentions of Professor Pye were approved previously with his author. Please stay realistic with your characters’ spell knowledge, using only curses or charms that would be appropriate to their age level, and appropriate to the situation. Nothing truly harmful will be tolerated. Aside from that, just be certain to follow all OOC site rules, and have a great time!

    • And possibly charm?Gabriel Valenti, Teppenpaw, Mon Oct 17 20:47
      Gabe blinked through sleepy eyes, suddenly feeling very awake. Dueling! Well, this was an exciting way to start the day. Gabe sat up a little straighter in his seat, which as usual was towards the... more
    • Any takers?Sutton Nicolls, Mon Oct 17 19:25
      Grabbing a seat in the back of the room, Sutton took out her art notebook. Classes were not a top priority for Sutton. If she had a choice, she would have been allowed to go to a muggle school with... more
    • Looking for a partnerAislinn Nicolls, Aladren, Mon Oct 17 18:00
      Defense Against the Dark Arts was a class that Aislinn wished she didn’t have to take. She knew that the class was mostly for safety, but she wasn’t planning on being in a field, like an Auror, where ... more
      • What a coincidence, so am I.Barnaby Pye, Wed Oct 19 02:44
        Jax Donovan was weird. He skulked around and, like Barnaby, he kept to himself. Unlike Barnaby, however, he seemed to have a gaggle of witches following him around whereas Barnaby had only Nevaeh.... more
        • Then, partners we shall be.Aislinn, Wed Oct 19 23:53
          Aislinn offered the other Aladren a quick smile. “Uh…” She looked around again for him. . He wasn’t here. Oh. It was like a light bulb went off. How could she have been so stupid? Of course, he... more
    • Do I have to?Gia Donovan (Pecari), Sun Oct 16 18:07
      Gia sat quietly in her seat taking notes of the lesson. She hated this part of learning. Dueling seemed so barbaric and when was she ever going to get into a duel outside of school? She lived in the... more
      • Whenever you're ready.Jack Spencer, Aladren, Wed Oct 19 13:00
        Duelling was entertaining to say the least, but Jack had never tried it with anyone before. When his older siblings were in school, Jack had been too young. Now, he wasn't allowed to use magic at... more
        • Are you ready?Gia, Thu Oct 20 18:43
          Gia smiled at Jack, relieved that he was willing to be her partner, although she supposed if he didn’t, she could just ask one of her friends or her brother instead. Jax was always willing to work... more
          • Hit me with your best shot.Jack, Fri Oct 21 15:24
            To match Gia's curtsy, Jack quickly bowed. He didn't have any experience with duelling traditions, but it seemed only proper. Continuing this pure-blood facade of prestige and good upbringing... more
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