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Professor Daniel Nash II
Advanced DADA: Make-Your-Own-Sneakoscope
Tue May 30, 2017 19:39

It was his first class. Well, not the first one he had ever taught - he'd had the requisite student teaching hours to get his degree, of course - but this was his first class. Well, he was still technically a substitute, so it was technically probably still Pye's class, but Pye had resigned. The students here would have Daniel as their professor for the rest of the year. It was close enough. So he was sticking to his initial statement: it was his first class.

He wouldn't say he was nervous. He'd never had performance anxiety before and he was quite sure that was not what this was. There were only half a dozen students on the DADA roster, no more than some of his college project groups, so he had no problem with the class size. In fact, the number of students present was just about perfect for the kinds of discussion and demonstrations he thought would be most effective for covering the material planned for the remainder of the year in Pye's syllabus. Daniel was fully confident in his understanding of that material and his ability to present it, so that wasn't the problem either.

The problem, Daniel concluded as the students took their seats for their first lesson with him and he got his first look at them, was that these kids would be his students at least until the seventh years graduated. It wasn't temporary (well, it was, but as far as the seventh years were concerned, he would be their teacher until the end). Also, for the majority, it wasn't just DADA. It was Charms, as well. The same kids. Stuck with each other for either one or three hours a day every weekday for half a school year.

What if they didn't like him? Worse, what if he didn't like them?

No, that was unprofessional. Like them or not, it was his job to teach them. And he would. He'd do everything he could to see that they passed their RATS. Though, obviously, he just had them for five months. Their previous teacher hopefully already laid down the bulk of what they'd need to know.

"Welcome back to Advanced DADA," he said. "I'm Professor Nash, taking over for Professor Pye for your last semester this year. You already know each other, but I don't know any of you, so we're going to start with a fairly simple, yet deceptively difficult exercise. This is about deception, and about lies." He pointed his wand toward the front board and the words, "Veritatem revelare," wrote themselves out in chalk. "This spell will let you create an on-the-fly sneakoscope. Cast it on any object that has parts that can move independently of one another. Say, for example, your inkwell. An inkwell thus enchanted may begin spinning or wiggling its lid if someone close by begins lying. I'd like everyone to make yourself a sneakoscope, then once everyone is done, we'll go around telling two truths and a lie about yourselves."

"The pronunciation is Veritatem Revelare," he spoke the words aloud, slowly, then repeated them at a more normal casting speed. "The wand motion is a slow circular motion, though the faster you make your circle, the more obvious your lie detection motion will be on your object. An even slower circular motion will result in a very subtle indicator. All together," he demonstrated the spell on a hanging ceiling decoration depicting the solar system that he'd put up earlier for precisely this purpose. He gave his wand motion a reasonably swift circle so the demonstration sneakoscope would be clearly visible for those sitting farther away.

"So my truths and a lie," he continued, feeling this was the sort of thing that even professors ought to take part in if they were subjecting students to it, "First, I've been on muggle television at least once," he stated first, getting that one out of the way. The planets stayed rock solid in their orbital positions as the statement was completely true, but the moons did begin to revolve slowly around their planets in response to Daniel's less-than-accurate implication that this was maybe because he'd gotten a few minutes on a local news show or something and not because he'd been a Hollywood child actor and played the same character for five seasons.

"Second, I attended Sonora as an Aladren and my half-sister was a Pecari." The moons stopped moving. The entire diorama was perfectly still. That was complete and unvarnished truth with no equivocation.

"Third, I'll stick around Sonora long enough to see the sixth years graduate." The moons began rotating around their planets again. The planets moved slowly along their orbits, perceptible, but not as fast or as obvious as might have been expected for a solid lie given the speed of his wand motion when creating this scope. It was an outright lie, though. The truthful statement would have been 'I'll stick around Sonora long enough for them to find a permanent teacher or for me to find a college professorship, which ever comes first.' However, there was a distinct possibility he would stick around Sonora long enough to see the sixth years graduate, even if there was no direct causality between that graduation and him staying on, so the motion of the solar system was only a bit more pronounced than after his first truth.

"And fourth, just for demonstration purposes: a ridiculously blatant lie. I'm ugly, I hate books, and I'm a natural blonde." After this statement by the brown-haired former Aladren with an appearance like that of a Hollywood leading man (as that was exactly what Daniel Nash Senior had been at Daniel's age), the planets and moons and even the sun began a lively demonstration of how orbits and rotations work.

"Okay, now everyone write down your observations about those results, and make your conclusions. We'll do the same for each of your lies and truths as well. Feel free to be evasive in your truths, and honest in your lies, to make things interesting. Also, please remember to tell me your names. That's a large part of the reason we're doing this, so I can get to know you a little bit. Also, I'm not going to ask anyone to reveal which of your statements is a falsehood, but I do want analysis on the sneakoscope responses to all statements made. The academic point of this lesson is about drawing conclusions, not getting your answers handed to you. Go ahead and make your own sneakoscopes now, and then we'll go around making statements after that. I'll tell mine again first, so you can calibrate how well yours work."

OOC: You may go ahead an assume Daniel calls everyone's attention and repeats his statements pretty exactly after all the sneakoscopes are made. It's a pretty small class, so everyone should just reply to the previous post and add your two truths and a lie to the discussion.

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