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Professor Daniel Nash
Intermediates: Mischief Imagined
Fri Jun 9, 2017 11:02

Daniel knew Sonora was working hard at finding permanent replacement teachers for their vacant positions, but Daniel had kind of been counting on most of the year in Advanced Charms and DADA. He'd even agreed to help out the Dueling club as their instructor, advisor, and referee.

So when he was called to see the Headmaster after only a few weeks, he wasn't really expecting to be relieved of one of his classes, and he definitely hadn't been expecting to see Grayson Wright there, too. But that's what happened. Gray was taking over Charms, leaving Daniel with just one class that had fewer than ten students in it.

Of course, nobody with eyes could miss that Isis Carter had way more than that on her plate.

So after Daniel had finished turning over the Advanced Charms class's progress notes to Gray, and Neal had done the same for the Beginner and Intermediate classes, Daniel waited around until Neal and Gray had left and asked the Headmaster, "So, to avoid a needing to make any changes to my payroll after this, do you want me to take on Intermediate DADA in place of Advanced Charms?"

It was agreed and so here he was.

He looked out over the classroom and realized he should have asked for a raise. With three years' worth of students and it still being a mandatory class, was a much larger group than either of his Advanced classes had been.

"Hello, there," he greeted them, "Some of you may know me from Dueling Club, but for the rest of you, I am Professor Nash. I'll be taking over this class from Professor Carter for the rest of the year, or until a permanent DADA teacher can be found." He was kind of hoping doing so would take at least into the summer, because a substitute gig that lasted only a month or two was not going to impress anybody who looked at his resumé, and he really wasn't feeling up to reviving his job search again so soon.

"Anyway, I understand you started working on a Spirit Creatures unit at the beginning of January, so we will carry on with that. Last time, according to Professor Carter's notes, you finished the section on Banshees. Are there any more questions about that creature before I move on to poltergeists?"

When there were no more questions forthcoming, he began his lesson with a question. "Can anyone tell me a difference between a poltergeist and a ghost?"

"Yes," he confirmed when he got a right answer, "poltergeists can interact with the physical world while ghosts are entirely incorporeal. Anything else?"

"Right," he confirmed the next correct answer, "Ghosts are the spirits of the deceased; poltergeists were never alive. They are spirits of chaos."

"Poltergeist", he said as he wrote it on the board,. "The name comes from German, meaning loud ghost or spirit, as they enjoy slamming doors and otherwise making a racket and disturbing people. Poltergeists can fly, and move through walls as ghosts do, but they can also move things around - manipulate chalk to write rude words, throw things, stick chewing gum in locks, open windows in the middle of winter, and pretty much anything that could cause someone trouble they can and will do. More interestingly though, many jinxes can affect them, whereas all jinxes would go right through a ghost as if it wasn't there. Some scholars believe poltergeists can feel momentary pain, but most everyone agrees they can't actually be injured in any way that lasts.

"They delight in chaos and mischief, and some people believe this is actually how they feed, growing stronger by causing embarrassment and aggravation to the living. Others think they just find it hilarious.

"Poltergeists almost always haunt a specific location - and they seem to prefer places with a lot of adolescents, like schools, though they also enjoy any place that has a lot of chaos associated with it. While it is possible to forcibly remove one from its haunt, the longer it's been there the harder it is to do so. Most places with poltergeists just learn to deal with them."

"Sonora has so far been spared getting one of its own, but it's a relatively young magic school, give it another century. As your class exercise today, though, I want you each to imagine there is a poltergeist here at Sonora. What mischief do you think it would most enjoy doing? Write a short story about some of its exploits. You can brainstorm amongst yourselves if you like. Turn it in before you leave. Your homework this week is reading the chapter on ghosts, which we'll get into next week."

    • It could be worse. (Tag Choir member)Angelique Brockert, Crotalus, Mon Jun 26 18:45
      Defense Against the Dark Arts had never been a favorite of Angelique's. It was overall too...athletic and masculine and right now, the best thing she could say about it was that Professor Nash was... more
    • This is not what I was expectingJozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Thu Jun 15 21:00
      Jozua was surprised to walk into DADA and see Professor Nash at the front of the room instead of Professor Carter. Maybe she's sick today, he reasoned with himself, not allowing himself to read... more
      • Is that a good thing or a bad thing?Lily Spencer, Pecari, Sat Jun 24 21:05
        They had a new DADA professor today, and though Lily had liked Carter, she didn’t have any strong feelings either here or there. All of the professors were the same to her, and if one was replaced it ... more
    • I'm not sure what you want from me... Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Sun Jun 11 07:47
      Another new teacher! Raine despaired. It wasn’t like she thought any of her old teachers had particularly glowing impressions of her, but at least they all knew where they stood with each other.... more
      • I'm not sure I'm really helping.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Mon Jun 12 12:13
        When he’d heard that Professor Nash was taking over Intermediates as well as the Advanced class, Joe’s first thought had been to go ask his brother for the run-down on the guy’s teaching style and... more
        • It's the thought that countsRaine, Thu Jun 15 08:59
          “Yours sounds really good,” Raine smiled, as Joe explained his story, praise that was backed up by the amused little smile that had appeared on her face as he described the scene. “I-I used the gum... more
          • Even if I end up making things worse?Joe, Thu Jun 15 17:54
            Joe was curious about what the ‘other stuff’ Raine had made up was – she was rather quiet, and so he wondered sometimes what was going on in her head – but didn’t ask. If she’d wanted to say, he... more
            • I generally trust your intentionsRaine , Wed Jul 5 08:43
              Raine was pretty sure that most of what Joe said was thinking out loud rather than actually seeking input or opinion from her. Having grown up with Kyte, who struggled to keep any of his many... more
              • Only generally?Joe, Wed Jul 5 11:02
                Raine seemed to agree that the ideas Joe had were at least not terrible, so he decided to go with them. Girls, he’d always heard, were supposed to be better at telling stories, so if she thought it... more
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