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Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw
I'm not sure what you want from me...
Sun Jun 11, 2017 07:47

Another new teacher! Raine despaired. It wasn’t like she thought any of her old teachers had particularly glowing impressions of her, but at least they all knew where they stood with each other. Every new teacher had to go through the disappointing realisation that she wasn’t one of the brightest buttons in the box, and that she was unlikely to live up to very many of their expectations. She, in turn, had to worry about how that disappointment would manifest itself… Calling her out in class, in front of everyone, or little red pen marks on her homework? The latter were less publically humiliating but they were permanent (provided she didn’t lose the papers) and sometimes teachers wrote such soul-destroying things. The absolute worst was when they wrote ‘Please try harder,’ when she had already tried as hard as she was able.

She took a seat in the middle, not wanting to attract the troublemaker reputation of those who sat at the back. The middle felt anonymous and safe. Professor Nash seemed less… generally sad and angry than Professor Pye had been. She wasn’t sure what had been wrong with him exactly, but he hadn’t given off a warm and friendly aura, and she had found him more than a little intimidating. She did her best to take notes as Professor Nash spoke. She had been encouraged by Professor Skies at their literacy group to take more responsibility for making her own notes in class, although she hadn’t quite got the hang of sifting down the information and was just trying to scribble everything that was being said, which left her frustrated with her own ineptitude.

She almost missed the class assignment and homework, but managed to catch both, although she wasn’t sure she had heard right… Firstly, their homework was only reading - every homework that was only reading was an absolute blessing to her. She and Kyte were so busy playing catch up with their circus skills to be at the standard their mother wanted by summer, and it was hard enough even fitting in all that training around classes, let alone finding time for homework. Scraping by with responses good enough to avoid detention was stretching her to breaking point. Reading would always have been a blessing because there was the option of just not doing it, except that Ben was helping them out with that by reading to them whilst they practised. It didn’t necessarily stick, but probably no less so than if she was tiredly ploughing through the chapters herself, or just not bothering. Kyte had extended the offer of finishing off their homework altogether after practises, but she already felt she was taking up enough of Ben’s time and energy. Had she found out that this essentially involved Kyte making a bad copy of Ben’s work, she would have had even further reservations, though not enough to actually rat her brother out and risk landing both him and someone who was doing them a favour in trouble. The second thing that seemed too good to be true was that Professor Nash had just asked them to make things up. Or at least, she was pretty sure he had. He had said ‘write a story’ which Raine pretty much only associated with the fiction sense of the word. Maybe there was some academic meaning to it that she didn’t know… Her first three and a half years had been dogged by the professors telling her to stick to the facts (by which they meant a very limited set of information contained in the books they set, rather than anything her mother had taught her growing up), giving angry margin notes to any of her additional insights on chakras or crystal healing, even when they were, in her opinion, extremely relevant to the topic at hand. The staff, she had concluded, were not at all interested in what was in her head, but only in seeing regurgitated versions of the textbooks they set - an exercise which was frustrating in itself, but made even more so by the fact that she frequently struggled to find the vocabulary to put it into her own words, as they were supposed to, and then got told off for copying too heavily from the book. In short, when it came to any form of written work, she had never been able to win.

She scrutinised Professor Nash’s instructions one more time, trying to find the pitfall, and considered checking with her neighbour whether she had the task down correctly, but she worried they would think her stupid for asking. As far as she could see, the only issue for her was the requirement to write the story, rather than tell it. A lot of her family were great at telling stories - it wasn’t a gift she particularly felt she’d picked up, but she had an understanding of how to do it if she had to. She knew that writing wasn’t her strong point, and that some of her ideas were probably going to get lost in the process of putting quill to paper, and trying to remember things like which type of ‘there’ was which and what apostrophes were for.

Shakily, she set her pen to paper, and began. It definitely wasn’t Shakespeare but, if Professor Nash could look past the surface mess, which included not spelling ‘poltergeist’ the same way twice, in spite of it being written on the board, there was a half decent story underneath…

Their once was a mean paltergeist who roomed around the halls of sonora playing tricks. He sneaked up on Raine and Kyte when they were practising their circus tricks and pushed their feet so they missed and fell down. This made them sad, and made them think they wouldnt be ok to be in there familys show in the summer, but really they were doing ok and would get the tricks right when the poltergist stopped pushing them.

She paused because that had been a lot of writing and she realised she was chewing her cuff which she did when she was trying really hard on her words, but which she was pretty sure made her look weird to other people, and made her uniform raggedy, which then got her in trouble. She glanced back at her notes, trying to work out whether she was doing this right.

And he wrote rude words and stuck gum in the locks, she added, noting the examples she’d managed to get out of the lecture, because teachers always seemed to want to hear back what they’d said to you. Maybe that was what they were meant to do? Make a story with his examples? She almost crossed out the whole bit about her and Kyte, fearing now that it was stupid and ‘off topic.’

“A-are you coming up with many of your own examples, or did you mostly use the ones he gave and make it just… a bit more story-ish?” she asked her neighbour, trying to phrase the question in a way that sounded more like she knew what she was doing than she really felt right now - another defence mechanism she’d picked up over the years. She leant over, resting her arm on the table and propping up her chin in a pose that was carefully designed to seem careful and accidental whilst providing the maximum shielding of her inferior and embarrassing classwork from people who might laugh at it. “It’s… it’s kinda different than what teachers usually ask us to do, isn’t it?” she added, annoyed at how she failed to sound entirely casual about that and how it did actually come out more like she was double-checking.

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    • I'm not sure what you want from me... — Raine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Sun Jun 11 07:47
      • I'm not sure I'm really helping.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Mon Jun 12 12:13
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        • It's the thought that countsRaine, Thu Jun 15 08:59
          “Yours sounds really good,” Raine smiled, as Joe explained his story, praise that was backed up by the amused little smile that had appeared on her face as he described the scene. “I-I used the gum... more
          • Even if I end up making things worse?Joe, Thu Jun 15 17:54
            Joe was curious about what the ‘other stuff’ Raine had made up was – she was rather quiet, and so he wondered sometimes what was going on in her head – but didn’t ask. If she’d wanted to say, he... more
            • I generally trust your intentionsRaine , Wed Jul 5 08:43
              Raine was pretty sure that most of what Joe said was thinking out loud rather than actually seeking input or opinion from her. Having grown up with Kyte, who struggled to keep any of his many... more
              • Only generally?Joe, Wed Jul 5 11:02
                Raine seemed to agree that the ideas Joe had were at least not terrible, so he decided to go with them. Girls, he’d always heard, were supposed to be better at telling stories, so if she thought it... more
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