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It's the thought that counts
Thu Jun 15, 2017 08:59

“Yours sounds really good,” Raine smiled, as Joe explained his story, praise that was backed up by the amused little smile that had appeared on her face as he described the scene. “I-I used the gum thing too,” she added, “Plus some other stuff that I made up.” She didn’t make any move to elaborate, but this wasn’t particularly unusual for Raine, who tended to venture only short remarks in most conversations. She pondered whether she needed to make more of the gum thing, like Joe seemed to be, but she couldn’t think how without directly copying him, which wouldn’t be good.

“Hmm,” she responded, when Joe asked her about plot, because she’d learnt that it was important to say something to show she was thinking, otherwise people just tended to repeat their questions louder, as if she was zoning out, or more slowly, as if she was stupid. She knew that stories were supposed to go somewhere, and not just be a list of examples… But she wasn’t really sure where the dividing line was. People sometimes just mentioned a random thing that had happened in their day, and people would say things like ‘That’s a funny story,’ so she thought that a poltergeist doing some random things might count as a story, but she wasn’t confident enough of this opinion to venture it to Joe. She realised she was chewing her sleeve again, on the non-paper-shielding arm, and tried to drop her hand back casually by her side.

“That sounds like a good story, but hopefully he’ll be happy if we just give some silly examples,” she ventured, not wanting to put down Joe’s idea, which she found genuinely impressive, but not wanting to make the task seem worryingly complicated for either of them. “I mean, could you even get that done in the time?” she asked. Joe’s story had sounded quite long and complicated.

  • I'm not sure I'm really helping.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Mon Jun 12 12:13
    When he’d heard that Professor Nash was taking over Intermediates as well as the Advanced class, Joe’s first thought had been to go ask his brother for the run-down on the guy’s teaching style and... more
    • It's the thought that counts — Raine, Thu Jun 15 08:59
      • Even if I end up making things worse?Joe, Thu Jun 15 17:54
        Joe was curious about what the ‘other stuff’ Raine had made up was – she was rather quiet, and so he wondered sometimes what was going on in her head – but didn’t ask. If she’d wanted to say, he... more
        • I generally trust your intentionsRaine , Wed Jul 5 08:43
          Raine was pretty sure that most of what Joe said was thinking out loud rather than actually seeking input or opinion from her. Having grown up with Kyte, who struggled to keep any of his many... more
          • Only generally?Joe, Wed Jul 5 11:02
            Raine seemed to agree that the ideas Joe had were at least not terrible, so he decided to go with them. Girls, he’d always heard, were supposed to be better at telling stories, so if she thought it... more
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