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Lily Spencer, Pecari
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Sat Jun 24, 2017 21:05

They had a new DADA professor today, and though Lily had liked Carter, she didn’t have any strong feelings either here or there. All of the professors were the same to her, and if one was replaced it made little difference to her. The biggest blow in her book was the lack of Quidditch. Right after becoming Pecari’s Seeker, the staff decided to go with unofficial matches, which took all the fun out of the sport. Still, it was nice changing positions here and there as she felt. She just wished she could’ve done a bit more to make Pecari proud that first match knowing that they wouldn’t be playing a second as a team.

Lily took a seat next to Jozua as usual and almost expected him to answer Nash’s question. And he did. Lily smirked at him, giving him the bemused you know-it-all look, knowing full well that this was his area of interest. Lily had yet to find hers, if such a class even existed, but at least she was making decent marks. That’s really all that mattered.

Their classwork was very unexpected, and she looked over at Joz as if to confirm that they were indeed writing in Defense class. If there was anything Lily hated more than Brussels sprouts, piano lessons and the ridiculous pure-blood notions of women’s rights, it was writing. She didn’t mind reading so much. After finding a pamphlet from some group called D.I.S.C.U.S.S., Lily had been fascinated by articles and books about women’s roles in modern day particularly from the points of view of other pure-blood witches. It was some advanced reading, but somehow she managed.

“Zelda. Or Tangina. A wizard might be Gwydion. Ooh, Sir Gwydion. Makes him sound more posh.” This was what she was good at, coming up with names and being creative, not the writing bit. Lily took out her quill and some parchment, but pouted at it with her brows furrowed, acting like the little sister she was. “I loathe writing. Please can we work together? I promise I’ll help loads with the creative story-making bit.”

She didn’t know if Professor Nash would be pleased with their combined composition, but really she didn’t care. If Jozua didn’t agree, however – though she hoped her puppy eyes would work on him – she’d sigh into her chair and return to staring blankly at her parchment, ideas running amuck behind her eyes with no motivation to put them into ink.

  • This is not what I was expectingJozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Thu Jun 15 21:00
    Jozua was surprised to walk into DADA and see Professor Nash at the front of the room instead of Professor Carter. Maybe she's sick today, he reasoned with himself, not allowing himself to read... more
    • Is that a good thing or a bad thing? — Lily Spencer, Pecari, Sat Jun 24 21:05
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