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Angelique Brockert, Crotalus
It could be worse. (Tag Choir member)
Mon Jun 26, 2017 18:45

Defense Against the Dark Arts had never been a favorite of Angelique's. It was overall too...athletic and masculine and right now, the best thing she could say about it was that Professor Nash was quite handsome, even though he was doubly inappropriate for her to find attractive. Her parents were rather big on gender roles and so she'd always been taught what girls and women do and what boys and men were supposed to do. It made her glad every day to be a girl because if she was a boy, she'd probably have to play Quidditch!

The thought made her kind of ill. Angelique despised sports, more so now than as a child since they were what was making her an outcast. Which was why she needed the choir. She was so happy that some people had joined and now they were going to perform at the school concert that was coming up. The Crotalus couldn't have been more thrilled about it, they were going to show off that music was important too. Not just sports. Especially given Quidditch had been changed to just pick up games for the remainder of the year due to difficulty getting full teams.

Angelique would have been spitefully glad about it, except that it meant apparently sports were just so important that they couldn't bear to cancel it completely, unless there were the Challenges or some catostrophic event. The Crotalus had to wonder who on the staff was so militant about it, since it certainly wasn't Uncle Mortimer and the real coach had been gone for some time. Professor Carter had done the official match before midterm, despite the fact that Angelique had thought they'd hired a sub specifically for that purpose and Merlin knew that she didn't need more to do.

Or they were pandering to the athletes, because apparently they were more important to-almost- everyone than other students were. Nobody had done the same for the artists and musicians-who'd had to form their own student led groups that didn't have any sort of faculty involved other than Dueling Club- or even the super intelligent or magically talented. Still, an overall lack of interest in the sport was a good thing in Angelique's opinion, so she still felt slightly smug and justified in said feelings. Even if it unfortunately was too great in her own year group and she still didn't fit in.

So from her perspective, that this year's Concert was going to be a club showcase was a definite positive because it gave other activities the respect they deserved. Well, okay, there was one club Angelique would never respect, but when she'd signed up, the only other club that had was Dueling. She rather hoped some other acts did sign up because otherwise the Concert might end up changed and the only way that could be positive was if the choir got to sing more. And even with that, the Crotalus didn't want it to be too long as students might get bored and she never wanted her singing to bore anyone! When you engaged in creative pursuits, you wanted others to love what the product as much as you loved creating it. Not to mention that Angelique was the sort that loved getting attention and didn't want to ever be considered boring in any other way.

Anyway, speaking of creative endeavors, apparently Professor Nash was going to have them write stories. An incredulous look found it's way to her face. She was a singer not a writer! Owen was the writer.

And she couldn't even ask her cousin for help, because it was a lesson that had to be completed in class. Angelique didn't even know if she could complete a short story in that time. Owen put a lot into his creative process. Writing wasn't necessarily something one could do completely on the fly, though she'd seen her cousin be apparently struck with inspiration and spend hours writing. And Owen was good at creative writing! Angelique didn't really think she was. Truth be told, she hadn't tried, beyond a few assignments her childhood tutors had given her. The Crotalus had received good marks on those....because Owen did most of them. Not because she'd asked him to do more than help, but because he got really into them.

Her cousin couldn't save her now though, but maybe someone else could albeit not to the same degree since Angelique didn't think her classmates would do her homework for her. Why should she expect anything of them ?

Still, the fourth year had to look on the bright side. At least she didn't have to do anything athletic and get potentially gross and sweaty and mess up her hair. Angelique turned to her neighbor, one of the people who she knew from choir and therefore had a fairly positive opinion of, and asked "Do you want to work on this together?"

OOC-Assumed based on Chatzy comments and general probabilty that someone from the Intermediate class joined the choir.

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    • It could be worse. (Tag Choir member) — Angelique Brockert, Crotalus, Mon Jun 26 18:45
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