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Scarlett Brockert,Pecari
Not quite
Sun Jul 2, 2017 20:15

Scarlett walked into Defense with less enthusiasm than she had previously. After all, her main reason for choosing this class to keep was so she could try to catch a glimpse. If she really thought about it more, she probably would have kept up with Defense anyway, based on Potions not really being her thing. She might have taken Care of Magical Creatures instead though. As it was, the Pecari was not all that sure she was going to stick with Dueling Club.

She took a look at Professor Nash. He was, Scarlett supposed, good looking but honestly, she didn't think he was her type. Too much of a pretty boy compared with their previous professor's rugged handsomeness.

Perhaps this was a sign though. She was engaged now, she'd be married before she knew it. She probably should not be ogling other men, even unattainable ones. Still, it was like saying goodbye to a part of her. Professor Pye had been the first man Scarlett found attractive, even though before she'd...noticed, she hadn't really liked him that much. But now he was gone and she had Marco.

It didn't make her want to go to class more though. The Pecari had never been especially studious, but prior to now, this had been a class she'd obviously looked forward to.

Maybe now she'd pay attention to the lesson instead. As far as subjects went, Defense was actually less boring than most. Scarlett had grown to enjoy it a bit for it's own sake and not just the previous view. She'd even learned stuff and that was with the distraction. Maybe she could learn even more now. Never been a particular priority of hers but it could happen.

Either that or Scarlett would end up daydreaming. Probably that.

She'd give listening a try for now though. Professor Nash began to speak about Sneakoscopes, which she could see were something useful.How often she would personally need one was up for debate but making one sounded fun. She couldn't help but roll her eyes at the professor's lie though. Since he was blatantly basically saying he knew he was good looking, Scarlett couldn't help but find him less appealing overall.

Now what could she make her Sneakoscope out of? She did not want to use her inkwell, because that seemed unoriginal. She began to dig through her bag, which always seemed to have such random things in it.

Unfortunately, nothing Scarlett could find would work. Her bag was such a mess and she was sick of looking for something different. Inkwell, it would have to be. She quickly placed a spell on it.

Now she had to think about her truths and a lie. First she had to introduce herself though. "I am Scarlett Brockert of the New York Brockerts" The top rocked subtly. She was Scarlett Brockert and would be living in New York once she married but there was no such thing as a New York Brockert. "My favorite food is eggs." The top stayed completely still. "And I am an only child." The top rocked wildly, flying off and landing on the floor. She bent down to pick it up. Thankfully, she didn't have enough ink left in there to splatter.

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    • Not quite — Scarlett Brockert,Pecari, Sun Jul 2 20:15
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