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I generally trust your intentions
Wed Jul 5, 2017 08:43

Raine was pretty sure that most of what Joe said was thinking out loud rather than actually seeking input or opinion from her. Having grown up with Kyte, who struggled to keep any of his many rambling thoughts internal, Raine was well practised at being a mirror for other people's thinking. She smiled when Joe did, in agreement with his own assessment that he was more organised than a spirit of chaos but still incapable of framing anyone. She understood his ideas, and agreed that they'd be a good story, though rather too complicated, but didn't have a lot to contribute in terms of ideas or improvements. And, as Joe continued to work through it himself, she was confident in her assessment that he needed little more from her than nods, smiles and the occasional noise to show that she was listening, all of which she happily provided.

"Sounds good," she nodded, when he seemed to reach a conclusion in his thoughts.

She returned her attention to her own story, rubbing the fabric of her robes between her thumb, on the inside, and the fingers of her hand on the outside. It was staring to get a little thinner from where she'd chewed it and there was the possibility she'd end up with a thumb hole there if she kept fiddling. She knew that technically that was viewed as a bad thing but she liked thumb holes. They were comfortable and comforting.

'Ben was in the libry,' she wrote, deciding that she didn't dare risk writing how he'd been helping them in case Professor Nash disapproved. She didn't want to get Ben in trouble when he was being a good friend. 'The poltergist turned his pages when he wasnt lookin so that it didnt make sence. Then he followd Nevaeh,' Raine paused, wondering what tricks the poltergeist could play here. She was running out of mischievous ideas (contrary to what teachers and policemen and all kinds of other people probably thought about her, she wasn't a trouble maker). To play a trick on Nevaeh too it would have to be something physical or auditory. If the poltergeist pulled faces at her or wrote rude words she just wouldn't know. Which gave her an idea... She glanced at Joe, waiting until he looked like he'd paused in his work before venturing a tentative call for his attention.

"Hey, Joe?" she asked, hoping he wasn't trying to gather his thoughts. "Um... What do you think would happen if people ignored the poltergeist? It likes the attention, right?" Her mom always said that if people were bothering her she should just ignore them, and they'd get bored and go away, although she didn't share this rationale with Joe because it involved explaining that people often teased her, or at least implying they did, and she didn't want Joe to know that. "Do you think if everyone ignored it, it would get bored and leave, and that that could be a.. an ending?" She knew Joe had used a different word than that, a fancier one, but she couldn't remember it.He just hoped he didn't think she, or her idea, we're too stupid. She got the impression that Joe came from the kind of family where being stupid was frowned upon but he'd been nice enough to her during the Peru project that she wasn't as self conscious around him as she might have been otherwise.

  • Even if I end up making things worse?Joe, Thu Jun 15 17:54
    Joe was curious about what the ‘other stuff’ Raine had made up was – she was rather quiet, and so he wondered sometimes what was going on in her head – but didn’t ask. If she’d wanted to say, he... more
    • I generally trust your intentions — Raine , Wed Jul 5 08:43
      • Only generally?Joe, Wed Jul 5 11:02
        Raine seemed to agree that the ideas Joe had were at least not terrible, so he decided to go with them. Girls, he’d always heard, were supposed to be better at telling stories, so if she thought it... more
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