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Prof. Isis Carter
Leap of faith! [Years I and II}
Thu Jul 13, 2017 23:42

As the Pecari Head of House, Isis Carter was most likely to be subjected to the more rambunctuous students Sonora housed. Sometimes she resolved to do her grading and lesson-planning in the Common Rooms just to keep an eye on them, but sometimes she just gave up and left them to their own devices, offering a silent prayer that nobody died.

Today’s curriculum drew surprising inspiration from those energetic little boars. Isis had definitely caught some kids jumping on couches before, and today, she was going to let them take that energy and jump off stuff. It was the last class of the day for the Beginners, but hopefully - she had never expected this thought - they would still have a little bit of spunk left in them.

Isis had laid some rugs out around the students’ desks, preferring not to cast spells on the actual floor, in preparation for the lesson. When it seemed that all of the first and second years had arrived, she climbed on top of her desk, doing her best not to smile wistfully as she imagined what Alfie’s face would look like if she’d done this with him still present. “Alright, everyone,” she said. “Can anyone tell me what the incantation Molliere does?” Isis paused to allow time for the correct answer to be given.”Right, it softens the target,” she reiterated.

“Usually, this spell is known as the cushioning charm,” she went on. “And we’re going to practice it today by casting it on the rugs around your desks, like so: Molliare!” Isis aimed at the rug in front of the teacher’s desk and fired the spell. “Now I’m going to jump down, and it’ll feel basically like landing in a big pillow.”

Isis bounded down merrily. “Yup, I did it right,” she confirmed. “Don’t worry that it doesn’t look any different; the effect changes the feeling, not the appearance. You guys can go ahead and try it out for yourselves, just make sure you think about how you’re landing, just in case it doesn’t exactly work for you.” The desks weren’t high enough to allow any sort of real damage to accompany a failed performance, but if they jumped with complete disregard, a strange landing might twist an ankle or something. “Alright, go ahead and get to it!”

    • Leap of pain, more likeVictor Callahan, Crotalus, Thu Jul 20 08:03
      Victor was intrigued to see rugs around the desks when he arrived at the classroom. Hopefully this meant they’d be doing something fun, or at least something different from usual, and he started... more
    • I'm getting too old for thisZevalyn Ives, Aladren, Fri Jul 14 08:25
      Zevalyn arrived in her DADA class with a few minutes to spare. She eyed the rugs around the desks with a slightly raised brow but figured they were going to somehow factor into the day's lesson. She... more
      • You're already too old for thisJennifer White (Aladren), Sun Jul 16 15:09
        There were many different indicators that the beginner students were going to be in for a weird lesson, and the professor climbing on top of her desk was definitely one of those signs. Jen watched... more
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