Zevalyn Ives, Aladren
I'm getting too old for this
Fri Jul 14, 2017 08:25

Zevalyn arrived in her DADA class with a few minutes to spare. She eyed the rugs around the desks with a slightly raised brow but figured they were going to somehow factor into the day's lesson. She was right, but when she saw the teacher stand up on her desk and jump off, she kind of wished she wasn't.

She could see the useful of the spell, of course. She wasn't sure it would be of much use for defending against the dark arts specifically, but the class title, she had decided some months ago, was a bit more narrow than what the class actually covered, which was probably a good thing. (It was good that it covered a wider breadth of topics, that was; she was still a bit miffed in an abstract sort of way that the class title was inaccurate.)

So it wasn't so much the day's specific lesson that bothered so so much as the testing methodology. She was fourteen. She was a bit old for jumping off furniture, wasn't she?

Though, Professor Carter had done it, and she was an actual grown up, so it couldn't be too bad, could it?

With a put-upon sigh, so that those around her knew she was doing this under duress and not because she was so immature that she was eager to use the furniture in ways it was not designed for, Zevalyn climbed up atop her desk.

She tried not to give any outward sign of the thrill that irrationally buzzed through her in anticipation of her coming leap into what should feel like a nice soft giant pillow.

Spell first. "Molliere!" she cast on the rug beneath her. This was not one of the spells she'd practiced ahead of time in her efforts to skip ahead a year, so she peered down doubtfully at the untested cushioning charm below her.

There was no visible change to the rug, of course, which was as it should be, but that did make it hard to judge if her spell had been even remotely successful. Nothing for it but to jump, she supposed, so Zevalyn was cautious for her first leap, going feet first with her wand tucked safely away so she could use her hands to break her fall as well.

As she landed, it did feel like there was a pillow cushioning her fall, but it was like an old flat foam one from sixty years ago with not much give left.

"Ugh," she grunted as her bottom hit the 'pillow' a bit harder than was entirely comfortable. It didn't hurt, but it wasn't the giant cushy welcome she'd been hoping for. "I think I need a bigger and softer pillow," she observed to her neighbor. "How was your first try?"

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