Jennifer White (Aladren)
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Sun Jul 16, 2017 15:09

There were many different indicators that the beginner students were going to be in for a weird lesson, and the professor climbing on top of her desk was definitely one of those signs. Jen watched Professor Carter dubiously as the woman cast a spell that had no reassuring visible effects before she jumped off the furniture and onto the rug on the floor which, it transpired, had successfully been made into a soft landing. Okay so Jen could sort of see the benefit of this particular spell, and its applications (outside of jumping off furniture) were more obvious than for several of the spells they had learned inside this classroom. Plus any opportunity to stand on a school desk with permission was not to be wasted.

Diligently, Jen climbed up onto her desk, her thumb poking through a hole in the end of her hoodie sleeve as she held her wand, the hems of her baggy jeans almost entirely obscuring her converse as she aligned her toes with the edge of her makeshift diving platform. Skeptically she cast the spell, even while knowing that skepticism and shoddy spellwork often went hand in hand. She was struggling with the knowledge that the rug wouldn’t change perceptibly until she had already jumped, and that just seemed like a recipe for disaster. Still, it wasn’t that far, so Jen readied herself and jumped.

She bent her knees as her feet pounded onto a rug barely softer than it ought to be. It felt as if there was a thin comforter was spread over the top of the rug, which might have been softer if she were lying down, but did very little to cushion her landing from a few feet up onto an otherwise solid floor. It didn’t even rank as good for a first try; Jen was disappointed in herself. She had even known her error and yet hadn’t been able to fix it.

“Could have been better,” Jen spoke her assessment when Zevalyn asked. She hadn’t missed the huff of someone feeling put-upon from the older girl when they’d started the practical assignment. She thought she was going to miss Zevalyn when she wasn’t in their classes any more. Despite having gotten the initial impression that she was too much of a girl to spend much time around, the Muggleborn from Arizona was definitely one of the least objectionable people in their classes. Which was good in the short term, but in the grand scheme of time or whatever, that kind of sucked. “At least I didn’t land on my ass,” she said, her tone ironically conciliatory.

Jen held out her hand to Zevalyn in case the older girl wanted to use her as leverage to pull herself up from the floor. “Take two?” she suggested.

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    Zevalyn arrived in her DADA class with a few minutes to spare. She eyed the rugs around the desks with a slightly raised brow but figured they were going to somehow factor into the day's lesson. She... more
    • You're already too old for this — Jennifer White (Aladren), Sun Jul 16 15:09
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