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Victor Callahan, Crotalus
Leap of pain, more like
Thu Jul 20, 2017 08:03

Victor was intrigued to see rugs around the desks when he arrived at the classroom. Hopefully this meant they’d be doing something fun, or at least something different from usual, and he started trying to work out what it could be. He’d just settled on flying carpets (which would definitely be a cool lesson!), when he remembered that that would more likely be a charms class. A frown crossed his face in disappointment, as he’d always wanted a flying carpet, but he was soon distracted by Professor Carter climbing on top of her desk.

This wasn’t exactly usual professor behaviour. Maybe Professor Carter had been cursed? There could be an evil wizard (or witch, but an evil wizard would be more of a threat) wandering the corridors of Sonora, cursing all the professors. Maybe everyone else at Sonora was actually already dead, and Victor (and his classmates) would have a dramatic battle to defend humanity- wait, did she just jump off?!

Seeing his professor jumping off the desk was enough to bring Victor back to reality, and he quickly paid attention in order to catch up with what they were doing. Once he’d understood, he couldn’t wait to try the charm himself. The minute they were given the instruction to go, he was scrambling up on his desk and aiming his wand at the rugs below.


Quickly casting the spell, Victor grinned as he launched himself off the desk. This was one of the best lessons he’d had! However, the feeling of euphoria was soon dispelled as he landed with a thud and an ‘ow!’. Having had too much faith in himself (and being too eager to start), Victor hadn’t properly cast the spell, and the rugs were barely cushioned at all.

“I don’t think the spell works,” he informed his neighbour, half joking and half wondering if he could actually blame his failure on a dodgy spell. Rubbing his elbow, which had collided with the side of his desk, he looked around for his wand. Picking it up, he prepared to go again, determined to master the exercise.

  • Leap of faith! [Years I and II}Prof. Isis Carter, Thu Jul 13 23:42
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    • Leap of pain, more like — Victor Callahan, Crotalus, Thu Jul 20 08:03
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      • You're already too old for thisJennifer White (Aladren), Sun Jul 16 15:09
        There were many different indicators that the beginner students were going to be in for a weird lesson, and the professor climbing on top of her desk was definitely one of those signs. Jen watched... more
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