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Lily Spencer, Pecari
Chaos is my middle name. [tag Jozua]
Tue Sep 19, 2017 20:15

Having longer hair again was going to take some getting used to. It required brushing and some styling to keep it from looking like a rat's nest, but overall Lily didn't mind it. It was nice looking in the mirror and appreciating the more feminine look she'd been sporting recently. Looking just like her brothers had been getting old. Skirts and dresses, however, were still very much out of the question.

DADA had become one of Lily's favourite classes mostly because of Jozua's Dueling Club. She paid strict attention there because he was her best friend and best friends supported each other always. The classes themselves were interesting as well, and the practical portion always kept her on her toes. No one really talked about the dark side of magic either; the adults knew of it but never chatted about it to their children. Charms and Herbology were dull for different reasons, but also because she'd grown up with basic knowledge of those two subjects. Potions was just too difficult.

Lily walked into class and took her usual seat in the back. She knew Jozua and Professor Nash got on well, so she didn't always try to sit with him in this class lest she distracted him or, Merlin forbid, had to sit in the front.

Professor Nash's question, however, was easy and Lily found her hand up in the air. "Jinxes, hexes and curses," she replied confidently. Any pure-blood or half-blood ought to have known that from infancy simply being in the magical environment.

The rest of his lecture was surprisingly remedial for her, so she rested her head against her hand, zoning in and out. Anti-jinxes would be a helpful thing to look up later, but for now it seemed like they were simply going to be dueling.

She straightened suddenly, eyes bright. They were going to be dueling in class. Professor Nash was now her favourite prof at Sonora. Her eyes searched immediately for Jozua, and as soon as they were released to find partners, she jumped out of her seat and shot towards him before anyone else could ask. "Partners?" she asked, slightly breathless, with a big smile.

"We get to duel in class! This is so cool, isn't it?" Lily led them to a relatively open space, though it was narrow with all the desks, and readied herself. "You can go first, if you'd like," she said, grinning at him. "I'll beat you this time for sure."

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    • Chaos is my middle name. [tag Jozua] — Lily Spencer, Pecari, Tue Sep 19 20:15
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