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Juniper Brockert, Teppenpaw
Eep! (Tag Finn)
Sat Sep 23, 2017 16:37

Just because she was now a fourth year did not mean that Juniper was any more comfortable in classes full of people. She rarely went to any class but COMC without feeling sick with anxiety and Intermediates were the worst group to be in as it contained three years versus two like Beginner and Advanced. Advanced also had the advantage of not everyone taking a particular class. Plus, COMC, the class Juniper most wanted to continue usually tended to be one of the smaller ones. Transfig usually had a bit more people keeping it but the Teppenpaw needed it if she wanted to be an animagus. Plus, a Brockert dropping Transfig was pretty much unheard of.

She was also thinking of keeping Herbology, despite resenting it at first due to it taking time away from COMC her first year. Not many people continued that one either, which was the main attraction.

Defense, on the other hand, was not a class that Juniper was particularly fond of. Okay, last year when they'd wrote stories, she hadn't minded too much given that she could just sit there working on it and not interact with anyone. Of course, it had had to be done in class and even when they didn't have to interact with anyone else, Juniper always felt self-conscious so it was hard to concentrate on any in class work.

Still, it was better than what Professor Nash had planned for today. Dueling. The last thing the fourth year wanted was to have some of her classmates firing jinxes at her! What if they did harsh ones just to pick on her?

There was only one option for her and that was to work with Finn. Well, or Tasha, she supposed, but while Juniper was fond of her cousin, she liked Finn more. He wouldn't laugh at her or try to hurt her. He was the best possible person for her to work with. Juniper turned to her friend and asked. "Will you partner with me on this?"

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