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Finn Scott, Teppenpaw
Thinking along similar lines
Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:36

Finn’s summer had been largely unremarkable. He’d spent his time doing the usual things: riding with his cousins, playing with his dogs (hopefully enough to make up for going away to school so much), and attending balls. The latter was a larger part of his summer than it had been back in first year, but that too was normal. As Finn got older, his father and grandfather expected more of him. After all, he was the heir to their particular branch of the Scott family, and was almost 15.

In seemingly no time at all, the summer had been over, and it had been time to return to Sonora. That was always a mixture of excitement and sadness. As much as Finn enjoyed being at school, he was very family-oriented, and one of the ways in which this presented itself was, at times, homesickness. He often wished there was some way of staying at boarding school but still being involved in everyday family life.

However, Finn found himself mildly rethinking his ‘glad-to-be-back’ feeling when, not long into the term, he walked into the DADA classroom to find the words ‘Dark Magic Spells’ written on the board. No doubt Jozua was thrilled, but Finn couldn’t help but feel mildly alarmed. Still, it would be useful to know how to defend oneself against them. Besides, there was no way that students would be allowed to perform dark magic. Right?

Wrong. Apparently, Professor Nash thought the older students should actually practise the spells. He breathed a sigh of relief when they were told to keep to the fairly harmless hexes. That was nothing he hadn’t come across at duelling club. So long as no curses were flying about, this could actually be quite fun. Talking of Jozua, Finn decided the other Teppenpaw boy would be a good partner, and was just looking around when another partner presented herself.

This was quite a dilemma. Juniper was far from the ideal partner for this project. Finn was most definitely averse to the idea of hurling hexes at her. The thought of Juniper duelling at all wasn’t one he liked. Still, he couldn’t actually turn her down, as that would be too rude, and could hurt her feelings. At least this way he could be gentle with her, and be reassured that no one would hurt her.

“I…I suppose so?” he replied, still feeling a little torn, and then realised how that probably came across. “It’s not that I don’t like working with you,” he hastened to add. “I’d just rather not aim jinxes at you. I promise not to use nasty ones, though.”

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