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I was so not meant to do this.
Sun Oct 8, 2017 22:37

Juniper's breath got caught in her throat and her heart started to pound when Finn didn't seem all that thrilled to work with her even though he'd agreed to it. Was she losing her best-and okay, only-friend? That would make school unbearable . Their friendship and COMC were literally the only things that sustained her here. Otherwise, she didn't know if she could take it.

And who would she work with next year when Tasha was in Advanced? Tasha and Finn were literally the only people she would trust in dueling. Okay, there were probably others who were really bad at or morally objected to it but that didn't make her any more comfortable. She couldn't even say that she felt safe working with all the Teppenpaws, considering Jozua, who might otherwise be nice enough, liked dueling well enough that he'd started a Dueling club! Plus, there were the other classes to worry about too and having to work with anyone else made her stomach knot up bad enough that she wanted to vomit.

What had she done? Whatever it was, she was sorry!

So Juniper breathed a huge sigh of relief when Finn explained. Actually had she not just been internally freaking out, she might have been elated. He didn't want to hurt her and that was good especially as she was afraid others might whether it be out of being super competitive or not liking her and thus wanting to get a chance to pick on her. Some people savored the chance to make someone else miserable.

"Well, that was kind of the point. Not that I don't like working with you normally." Juniper added, just in case he would have felt like that was the only reason she wanted to work with him

"I guess we should get started." Juniper stated unenthusiastically. She didn't really like dueling and hurting people. "I don't really want to hurl jinxes at you either but this is the assignment and we have to do it. " She considered using the ducklifors jinx, because that would turn Finn into a duck and the fourth year generally didn't consider being an animal a bad thing. However, whatever she thought, others probably didn't agree.

Then there was cantis which made people sing. That sounded fairly harmless, but what if Finn didn't want to sing in public and was really embarrassed about it? Juniper would hate to be the cause of that. As being publically humiliated was one of her worst fears, she certainly wouldn't want to take a chance of being the cause of it happening to someone else, especially not Finn.

Okay, the impediment jinx. All that would do was slow him down. " Impedimenta

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    • I was so not meant to do this. — Juniper, Sun Oct 8 22:37
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