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Professor Nash
Beginner Lesson: Cornish Pixies
Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:05

The height of Daniel Nash II’s acting career had been when he was ten years old. His part in the television show had been drastically reduced when he left for Sonora but he’d held onto until the show was cancelled shortly before he graduated. Despite the fifteen or so years since then, Daniel still counted himself a good actor.

He needed every bit of those skills on this Friday afternoon to look like he wanted to be here teaching beginner Defense instead of heading off for his weekend early. Friday afternoons were the worst time to have classes, he thought. This had been true as a college student and it remained true as a Sonora professor. He didn’t even have any specific plans this weekend, he just wanted to Not Be Here anymore after a long week. But he had one more class to get through and that it was Beginners made it even worse.

For one thing, Jasmine was in the beginner class. He liked his niece, he did. He just didn’t like teaching her. Her academic habits were much too like Holly’s - Jasmine’s mom and Daniel’s sister - to be anything but infuriating to an teacher, especially one like Daniel who had once been an Aladren.

For another, beginner lessons were so incredibly tame. Even boggarts didn’t get introduced until Intermediates, that was the earliest of the interesting creatures. No, today was pixies, which were just even more depressing because somebody (and he certainly wasn’t excluding the possibility that it might be Jasmine) was bound to call them cute fairies and then he just might need to pull out his hair and scream. Especially if it was his own niece who said it.

Still he put on a smile of welcome - top acting quality - and greeted the beginners as the clock marked that it was time to begin. He closed the classroom door exactly at 3:15 on the button, as that was the scheduled start time, and he frowned severely at anybody slipping in late after that point, though he wouldn’t start deducting house points for lack of punctuality until 3:17. He was not unfeeling.

“Cornish Pixies,” he stated aloud as he wrote the word on the chalkboard. After a year of teaching here, he was now comfortable with using chalk and didn’t get too much of it on his clothes anymore, though he still personally thought overhead projectors worked better and were more cleanly.

He turned back to face the class. “Who can tell me anything about a pixie?” He picked on a few raised hands until he’d gotten several correct traits from the students. “Yes, they are blue skinned. They can fly despite not having wings. They stand about eight inches tall and are distantly related to doxies and fairies. They have shrill voices that can only be understood by other pixies. They are very strong for their size and, working together, they can lift a human being off the ground by their ears. They are terrible troublemakers, and the best way to capture any pixies causing you mischief is to hit them with a freezing charm and imprison then in cold iron.”

He pulled a sheet off a small iron birdcage he had sitting on his desk, revealing a handful of blue skinned pixies. “They do have a magical beast classification of Triple-X, which is reasonably dangerous for the untrained, though competent witches and wizards shouldn’t have too much trouble with them. I’m going to have you line up and I’ll release the pixies one at a time from their cage. I want each of you to try using a freezing charm to immobilize the loose one when it’s your turn. Professor Wright tells me you should have covered that one already. Any questions?”

Once the questions had been addressed and the students lined up, he let loose the first pixie.

OOC: Hello and welcome to DADA. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves while waiting in line for your turn and/or after you have gone. After a pixie is frozen Daniel will return it to the cage and help let out another one for the next student to freeze. You have permission to have him performing those actions in your post. You can make up some mischief for the pixie to cause before your character gets it, but Daniel won’t let it escape the room. Have fun! Mischief managed!

    • Oh! Cute little blue fairies!Jasmine Delachene, Thu Nov 30 14:46
      Jasmine had no answers to offer to her uncle’s request for information about Cornish Pixies. They sounded kind of cute, though. Wasn’t Tinkerbelle sometimes called a pixie? She knew better than to... more
    • That is a strange looking pixieGary Harper, Sun Nov 19 21:11
      Gary put away his extra-curricular books and notebooks as the other students began to enter the classroom as had become standard practice at this point in his classroom routine. Defense Against the... more
    • This is off to a great startCleo James, Crotalus, Thu Nov 16 13:11
      Cleo wasn’t a fan of Defence class, and she was pretty sure that Professor Nash wasn’t the biggest fan of having to teach her. In all her wandwork subjects, she had a tendency to accidentally make... more
      • I disagreeProfessor Nash, Fri Nov 17 08:43
        Daniel missed the first few seconds of Cleo's encounter as he was busy making sure no other pixies got out before he finished closing the door, but he did see her first casting splash across the... more
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