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Cleo James, Crotalus
This is off to a great start
Thu Nov 16, 2017 13:11

Cleo wasn’t a fan of Defence class, and she was pretty sure that Professor Nash wasn’t the biggest fan of having to teach her. In all her wandwork subjects, she had a tendency to accidentally make fire. It had been steadily improving over the course of first year as she learnt how to control herself a bit more, but Defence was the class where her control most often slipped, because there was that element of fear and pressure. Even though she knew that she should be totally safe with the professor there, it was hard not to get just a little bit flustered when people were shooting hexes at you, and when Cleo got flustered she also got fiery.

Cornish Pixies. Cleo hesitated… She knew about gnomes because they were a garden pest, but pixies… she wasn’t quite so sure. They sounded pretty unpleasant, although she was glad that the lesson didn’t involve practising on other people, as that just stressed her out. No one had yet lost their eyebrows to her, but it was a worry that they might.

She twirled her holly wand anxiously as she lined up. The wandmaker had raised her eyebrows when that wand chose her. Got a temper, have we? she’d asked. Cleo had been relieved when the maker had gone on to explain that holly was good for those overcoming anger or impetuousness. She wanted a wand that encouraged her to be a better person, not a worse one.

When Professor Nash opened the cage, Cleo readied her wand. The small blue pixie leapt out, and Cleo briefly wondered how Professor Nash was going to ensure that they only got one - they were quick. It ran along the desk, blowing a raspberry at her.

“Immobulus!” she cast. The blue yet of light that proved she had uttered the incantation correctly issued from her wand. However, the spell was wasted, unless the blackboard had been threatening to go anywhere. She had aimed for where the pixie was which, of course by the time her spell hit, it no longer was.

“Immobulus!” she cast, missing again. “Imm-” she could feel herself getting flustered. She hadn’t been prepared for how fast the pixie was going to be, and she felt she was just wildly slashing, trying to catch it. She could feel the familiar sensations - her palms were sweating, and it was like there was something uncurling in her chest. She stopped herself, trying to give herself time to calm. On the plus side, this meant that she didn’t send a jet of fire across the desk. A degree of self-awareness and self-control she could only hope Professor Nash was able to recognise. However, the hesitation, and her clear weakness gave the pixie the moment it needed. It leapt for her, landing in her hair.

Anyone passing might have been forgiven for thinking that the beginners class had a visiting banshee. Cleo screamed. She had a particular aversion to things getting in her hair - not that it was a common occurrence, but she just overall disliked other people touching her hair, and had always been fussy about how it was brushed. Having a pixie in it, firmly pulling at tiny handfuls, made her panic the way others did about seeing spiders or looking down from heights.

“Get it off, get it off!” she squealed, appealing to Professor Nash or her fellow students - whoever could rid her of it first.

  • Beginner Lesson: Cornish PixiesProfessor Nash, Thu Nov 16 12:05
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    • Oh! Cute little blue fairies!Jasmine Delachene, Thu Nov 30 14:46
      Jasmine had no answers to offer to her uncle’s request for information about Cornish Pixies. They sounded kind of cute, though. Wasn’t Tinkerbelle sometimes called a pixie? She knew better than to... more
    • That is a strange looking pixieGary Harper, Sun Nov 19 21:11
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    • This is off to a great start — Cleo James, Crotalus, Thu Nov 16 13:11
      • I disagreeProfessor Nash, Fri Nov 17 08:43
        Daniel missed the first few seconds of Cleo's encounter as he was busy making sure no other pixies got out before he finished closing the door, but he did see her first casting splash across the... more
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