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Professor Nash
I disagree
Fri Nov 17, 2017 08:43

Daniel missed the first few seconds of Cleo's encounter as he was busy making sure no other pixies got out before he finished closing the door, but he did see her first casting splash across the blackboard. He intentionally prevented an eyebrow from rising as the next few castings missed their mark as well. Then, as pixies are prone to do, the loose one turned on a panicking target.

He didn't immediately interfere. Pixies were only a XXX classification. One by itself wasn't likely to do serious harm. He'd give Ms. James a chance to defend herself, as was the point of this subject.

When she demonstrated a severe lack of doing so, and with his ears still ringing from her shriek, Daniel decided she'd had plenty of opportunity to sort this out for herself. He did have an advantage in that the pixie was relatively still in its pursuit of hair pulling, but he was inclined to believe his ability to aim was just generally better as well. His freezing charm immobilized the small blue creature on the first try and he caught it with a levitation charm before it hit the ground.

He deposited the unmoving pixie back into the cage and closed the door, locking them all inside. The charm would wear off shortly, and then it could take another turn causing havoc. He decided not to push Ms. Jones into trying again immediately because, frankly, he himself needed a bit of time before being exposed to another banshee cry if things went poorly again. Also, it would be for the best to give the pixies times to forget that this girl was an ideal target for hair pulling. "You can take a few minutes to regroup and let everyone else have go. Time permitting, everyone who needs one will get a second chance. Go on to the back of the line. Next."

Once the next student was ready, he opened the cage door and another pixie flew out into the room.

  • This is off to a great startCleo James, Crotalus, Thu Nov 16 13:11
    Cleo wasn’t a fan of Defence class, and she was pretty sure that Professor Nash wasn’t the biggest fan of having to teach her. In all her wandwork subjects, she had a tendency to accidentally make... more
    • I disagree — Professor Nash, Fri Nov 17 08:43
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