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Gary Harper
That is a strange looking pixie
Sun Nov 19, 2017 21:11

Gary put away his extra-curricular books and notebooks as the other students began to enter the classroom as had become standard practice at this point in his classroom routine. Defense Against the Dark Arts was his best class and his most favorite so far. It was jam packed with all the information an adventuring wizard would find necessary in daily life. He also liked the Professor. Professor Nash seemed to be a little closer to the muggle world that Gary had grown up in than some of the other professors. He could also almost picture the teacher raiding his way through some sort of terrible, world-threatening adventure. None of the threats, as admittedly benign as they may be for beginners, seemed to even phase him.

As Professor Nash began talking, Gary was a little shocked by the subject. Pixies? Many facts about them flashed through his mind; Tiny or small, winged, flying, fey creatures, Anywhere from 2.5' to under a foot in height, tricksters and pranksters but not generally malevolent, innate magical ability for invisibility and various other spell-like abilities, they were generally good aligned. He had learned early to keep these facts to himself when the Professor asked what people knew about them. The actual creatures were usually quite different that those described in the manuals. What were real pixies like? Apparently, if they were learning about them here, they were something more than mischievous pranksters that might reward you if you could take a joke.

The class began calling out attributes, Gary wrote them down. These things sounded almost right, but on the wrong side of the alignment spectrum. After Professor Nash pulled the sheet off the cage, Gary quick doodled a picture of the creatures trapped on the desk. As such, he wound up near the end of the line when he finally joined in. He took careful note as the first few students took their turns, watching what the pixies did and how they moved. They were quick, that freezing charm needs to be fast as well. Hopefully he could pull it off properly, he practiced the wand movements while he waited for his turn.

  • Beginner Lesson: Cornish PixiesProfessor Nash, Thu Nov 16 12:05
    The height of Daniel Nash II’s acting career had been when he was ten years old. His part in the television show had been drastically reduced when he left for Sonora but he’d held onto until the show ... more
    • Oh! Cute little blue fairies!Jasmine Delachene, Thu Nov 30 14:46
      Jasmine had no answers to offer to her uncle’s request for information about Cornish Pixies. They sounded kind of cute, though. Wasn’t Tinkerbelle sometimes called a pixie? She knew better than to... more
    • That is a strange looking pixie — Gary Harper, Sun Nov 19 21:11
    • This is off to a great startCleo James, Crotalus, Thu Nov 16 13:11
      Cleo wasn’t a fan of Defence class, and she was pretty sure that Professor Nash wasn’t the biggest fan of having to teach her. In all her wandwork subjects, she had a tendency to accidentally make... more
      • I disagreeProfessor Nash, Fri Nov 17 08:43
        Daniel missed the first few seconds of Cleo's encounter as he was busy making sure no other pixies got out before he finished closing the door, but he did see her first casting splash across the... more
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