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Jasmine Delachene
Oh! Cute little blue fairies!
Thu Nov 30, 2017 14:46

Jasmine had no answers to offer to her uncle’s request for information about Cornish Pixies. They sounded kind of cute, though. Wasn’t Tinkerbelle sometimes called a pixie? She knew better than to mention this though, because Uncle Daniel thought Disney got everything wrong, even if Mom insisted Pocahontas was a perfectly valid historical movie. Daniel’s response to that assertion, though, made her certain nothing from a Disney movie should be brought up in his class.

So she did not mention fairies out loud, but when he pulled the cover off their cage, she squealed a little bit in delight and declared, “Oh! They are like cute little blue fairies!” Sure they didn’t have wings, or wear adorable dresses, but they were near enough!

This opinion took a beating when a loose one started pulling out Cleo’s hair and making the poor girl howl terribly, but Uncle Daniel got it away from her and then it was Jasmine’s turn.

She readied herself, wand in hand, aware now of the trouble they could cause and no longer reluctant to shoot combative magic at the little blue flyer Uncle Daniel was letting free.

It zipped and zoomed about the room, and Jasmine watched it warily, keeping her wand point following its every move, awaiting an opportunity when it slowed down. She’d already seen that casting wildly hadn’t worked for Cleo and didn’t want to face the same consequences.

The cute - but cruel - little blue fairy slowed down, looking like it intended some mischief with one of the lamps. “Immobulus!” Jasmine cast swiftly, flicking her wand out like a flyswatter going for a pesky fly. Living on a horse ranch, she had plenty of practice with swatting flies. Then, just in case, she shot off two more in quick succession.

The first one missed, but it drove the fairy to fly right into the second blast of magic and she went down. Uncle Daniel caught her with a levitation charm and deposited her back into her cage. “Good,” he said, and sounded just a little surprised by her success.

Jasmine beamed happily at him, triumphant in her rare success. “Tricky little fairies, aren’t they?” she asked cheerfully, and his expression grew to its more accustomed expression of hopeless exasperation at her.

“It’s a pixie,” he told her flatly.

“Yeah, whatever,” she told him, with a casual insolence she would not have dared use with any of her other professors, but which couldn’t be helped around Uncle Daniel. She shrugged and headed to the back of the room to join anyone else who was done.

  • Beginner Lesson: Cornish PixiesProfessor Nash, Thu Nov 16 12:05
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    • Oh! Cute little blue fairies! — Jasmine Delachene, Thu Nov 30 14:46
    • That is a strange looking pixieGary Harper, Sun Nov 19 21:11
      Gary put away his extra-curricular books and notebooks as the other students began to enter the classroom as had become standard practice at this point in his classroom routine. Defense Against the... more
    • This is off to a great startCleo James, Crotalus, Thu Nov 16 13:11
      Cleo wasn’t a fan of Defence class, and she was pretty sure that Professor Nash wasn’t the biggest fan of having to teach her. In all her wandwork subjects, she had a tendency to accidentally make... more
      • I disagreeProfessor Nash, Fri Nov 17 08:43
        Daniel missed the first few seconds of Cleo's encounter as he was busy making sure no other pixies got out before he finished closing the door, but he did see her first casting splash across the... more
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