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Professor Nash
Advanced: The sound of silence
Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:23

Daniel Nash was a verbose individual. He knew this about himself and, by now, most of his advanced students knew it about him as well. This was, in part, intentional. He knew the psychological theory that people were more likely to remember something they heard at least three times, so he was repetitive, saying the same thing several times, coming at it from as many directions as possible, hoping at least one of them would click with the majority of the students. He used simple statements for the foreign students and complex statements for the students who thrived on details and challenges. He then broke those down into normal conversational sentences for everyone else. The more times he said something, the more likely it was to be on the next exam.

So when the advanced students walked into Advanced DADA in the second week of classes, and Daniel Nash said not word to them, even after the clock ticked past the starting time and he closed the door, they would be forgiven for wondering if he had laryngitis or gotten cursed with a silencing spell. It was unusual behavior from him. Unnatural even.

He pointed his wand at the board and the chalk rose up and wrote “Nonverbal Spellcasting” in his clear neat handwriting.

The chalk continued, “Pop Quiz: Try it.”

The homework had been to read the background chapter on the topic, though they had not yet done any nonverbal magic in class. He was interested to see how well they did.

The chalk added. “Beginner charms recommended to start for 6th years. 7th years may try something more challenging if they like.”

The stick of chalk hesitated a moment then finished, “Lecture to follow. You have fifteen minutes to show me a nonverbal spell for credit.” Daniel began wandering about the classroom marking a check onto his grade sheet next to anyone he saw create a magical effect without making a sound. Still not speaking. It was a challenge for him, too.

OOC: you all know the rules by now. Permission granted to have Daniel nod at you and make a mark on his sheet once you complete a non verbal spell.

    • Do I get technical credit for this?Joe Umland, Teppenpaw , Sat Feb 17 22:10
      ”Non-verbal magic’s a massive pain in the – feet,” Julian had said when she and John had been discussing upper years with Joe. ”Like you’re trying to wear really strappy stilettos all evening to one... more
      • This doesn't exactly play to my strengthsKyte Collindale, Pecari, Wed Apr 4 11:10
        Kyte entered the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom chattering away to Ben. He didn’t particularly notice Professor Nash’s lack of talking. He wasn’t really one to stop talking or start paying... more
    • In my elementRaine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Fri Feb 16 22:16
      Raine entered the Defence classroom and took her seat. Professor Nash went to start the lecture and… then didn’t. He wasn’t saying a word to them. But the words on the board quickly made it clear... more
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