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Professor Daniel Nash
Beginners, on your guard
Sat Mar 3, 2018 21:15

Daniel looked out over the Beginner class sternly. He had several reasons to be concerned. The first was that the rumors of the troublemakers in Intermediates were growing rampant and he'd begun to hear from some of his co-workers there was apparently a copycat prankster in Beginners now. This was not a good class for people to be goofing off in, and he hoped whoever it was understood that.

The second concern was sitting in the third row back, wearing a tiara of all things on her head today. He was not looking forward to having his half-sister yell at him later for letting other kids shoot disgusting curses at her baby, but defending yourself from bad things was kind of the definition of the class he was teaching.

And thirdly, there was going to be a lot of nastiness in today's classroom if the second years weren't good at their shielding charms.

"Alright," he began, once the trickle of students into the room eased off and everyone had settled into a seat. "Today we start the dueling unit. As some of you may know, Sonora does have a Dueling club, so if you enjoy this sort of spell casting, check your House bulletin board for the next meeting date and come to join us in the MARS Sports Room. I am the adviser for it, and so you will get to learn additional techniques and spells not covered in the base curriculum, as well as reinforce the ones that are."

He took a breath and paused a moment, allowing a moment for transition as he moved from advertising to teaching. "For today, we will begin very basically." He paused again, this time for the foreign students, as he forced his verbose nature to take a step back and state the plan in a very straightforward manner. "First years will do a simple jinx. Second years will defend."

He pointed his wand at the board and the chalk rose up and began to write: First Years: Nasal Mucus Jinx, colloquially known as "Curse of the Boogers" or "Curse of the Bogeys" The last phrase was only rarely used on this side of the Atlantic, but the Europeans who were taking the class might need to know it in the future by that term, so he included it.

At the same time, he repeated what the chalk was writing aloud. "First years will be casting the Nasal Mucus Jinx. This is a very easy attack spell that causes your target to sneeze once and eject a lot of nasal mucus from their nose. As it simulates a function the human body is perfectly capable of doing on its own, it does not require a lot of magical power to achieve, so your wand motion is nothing more than pointing the tip in the direction of the person you wish to curse. The incantation is," he paused a moment, this time in regret that this was a thing he was required to teach people. Clearly it had been invented as a prank by some precocious teenager who was looking for a laugh. If it had been Latin, or even pseudo Latin, that would be one thing; even something in English like the 'point me' spell would have been fine. But no, Daniel was not that lucky. He sighed, and began the sentence over with deeply harbored resentment and a little bit of embarrassment. "The incantation is 'achoo.'" If it wasn't such an easy curse to master, he was sure it would have never made it onto the curriculum, but it was, and so it was the primer for offensive magic for beginners.

"Second years, you will attempt to protect yourself from being forced to sneeze. In case you are not able to do so," he waved his wand again and send small travel packages of tissues to each desk where a second year was sitting. "There are more at the front if you need them," he added in a tone the strongly implied that he dearly hoped they wouldn't. "Your spell," he continued, as the chalk rose up and added, Second Years: The Shield Charm, Protego to the board beneath the spell for the first years, "is the Shield Charm, also known by its incantation, Protego. This spell creates a magical barrier that can deflect most jinxes and hexes, including the Nasal Mucus Jinx. Protego is actually an intermediate level spell, but if you say the name of the spell you are protecting against, it does become much simpler to cast effectively, so you will be casting 'Protego Achoo' today." He flinched slightly at the verbal indignity of this lesson. "You also just need to point your wand in front of you. The barrier will spread out in front of where the tip is pointing, with that as its center point. I recommend holding it high enough that you know it will protect your nose. As you get older and better at this, the radius will grow and may even cause your opponent to get thrown backwards if they are standing close enough when their hex is repelled. At this level, however, I don't expect anything like that to happen. Still, be sure to have some distance between you as you practice."

"All right, pair off first years with second years. If there is an uneven number, some of you may work in teams of three and take turns. First years, point at your partner and say Achoo. Second years, point your wand in front of you and say Protego Achoo. Begin."

OOC: The Curse of the Bogeys was mentioned in Philosopher's Stone, but no details were given, so I have made them up. The lesser form of Protego is also made up, and builds off the theory that shorter forms of spells are more difficult postulated in Charms. Remember to follow site rules: no writing for other characters, 3rd person past tense, 200 word minimum, pg rating. For those new to the site, remember fuzzy time is in effect and all classes posted take place at different times in your character's life, so you may post at all of them if you wish (though you don't have to). Your House earns house points for your posts in class, though, so it's recommended to at least make it to some. As a rule of thumb, it can usually be assumed that classes posted after other classes take place later in the year if it's not specifically declared otherwise. Any questions, post them on the OOC board or catch me in Chatzy (I've been going by Jozua Sparks lately). Tag Daniel if anything dangerous occurs in your post. He will attempt to defuse it before anyone gets seriously hurt.

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