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Dorian Montoir, Teppenpaw
This seems like the safest option (tag Nathaniel)
Sat Mar 3, 2018 21:59

Dorian took a seat in defence with a heavy heart, which more or less how he always felt in this class. He hated it. It was violent and scary and full of things that he did not want to happen to him. However, it was doubly depressing because he regarded it very much as a practical life skills course. Matthieu rarely used magic on him in his bullying, because he knew that it increased the likelihood that Dorian would have to go to their parents to sort out the results, and that would get him in trouble, not only for picking on his little brother but also because it was, technically, illegal. Purebloods often had a rather more casual attitude to magic in the home, but Matthieu knew not to push his luck too far. Dorian was dreading the year after next, when his brother would be of age.

He always tried to sit with his friends to mitigate the horror, although sometimes when they had to do spellwork they were required to pair with older students. Or, he supposed now that they were the second years, younger ones. He was the type of person who stuck closely to those he knew anyway, but he didn’t mind branching out so much in other classes. In Defence, or if he sensed Charms was going to involve doing things to another person, he only ever sat with Jehan, Vlad, Ruby, or Tatya, in that order of preference. Jehan first because… well, he was Jehan. Vlad and Ruby were pretty much a joint second. They were both nice and gentle, and he couldn’t imagine either of them ever wanting to hurt someone else. He had a slight preference for Vlad both because he knew him better and because he felt somewhat worse about shooting hexes as girls, as it seemed very ungallant behaviour - the one general downside of his strategy was having to jinx his friends, which he really didn’t like. Tatya was last because, whilst he knew she would never hurt him on purpose, she could get carried away and over-enthusiastic about things. In most cases, this was a quality he valued in her - it was hard not to fall for her infectious enthuasiasm when she was in a good mood - but it could be a bit much when the context was being on the receiving end of a jinx. He tried to sit with her more in other classes to make up, so that she wouldn’t feel unloved.

The day’s lesson did not thrill him. The curse sounded less than painful, at least, though a little on the embarrassing side, but that was not the main issue. Today was one of Those Sorts of Days, where they had to mix grades and pair up with first years, which meant working with a complete stranger. He gave a woebegone look to the friend next to him, sliding out of his seat to look for a new partner. Some people might have told him it was silly to be scared of the first years, but he was pretty sure Matthieu had been an absolute c*****d since… well, as long as Dorian could remember. He didn’t remember a time when Matthieu hadn’t picked on him. The closest he came were vague recollections of Matthieu coming home in a temper from nursery school and kicking all of Dorian’s crayons across the room and feeling surprised about it, whereas now he’d regard that as getting off lightly…. Anyway, the point was that the fact they were first years, and it was only a minor sounding hex, didn’t mean that whoever he partnered wasn’t going to be a vile little toerag who tried to find a way to make this a painful or humiliating experience.

He decided to hedge his bets by going for a Teppenpaw. He had been tempted last year to give a free pass on ‘probably not dangerous’ to everyone in his house, until he had found out that the boy who ran the duelling club was a Teppenpaw. That had rather put him off. Between this and the fact that Jehan, an Aladren, was the kindest and sweetest person he knew, Dorian realised that you couldn’t fully rely on house trends to guide you to what a person was like. However, as he was having to pick blind - and as he was sure that Jehan was really something rather special and unique - his own house seemed the safest place to start. He had been meaning to get to know his and Vlad’s next door neighbour too. He had noticed that he didn’t have a roommate. Some could see that as an advantage, of course, but perhaps the boy was lonely. And, assuming that he was the right sort, and nice enough, Dorian couldn’t see any issue with encouraging him to come and hang out with him and Vlad, if that was the case. He made his way over and smiled politely.

“Good afternoon,” he greeted the other boy. “I am Dorian. Uh, Dorian Montoir of the Quebec Montoirs,” he added. It had been a while since he’d needed to introduce himself properly. “Would you like to be partners?”

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    • This seems like the safest option (tag Nathaniel) — Dorian Montoir, Teppenpaw, Sat Mar 3 21:59
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