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Nathaniel Mordue, Teppenpaw
I take it you aren't a legilimens.
Mon Mar 5, 2018 21:37

Defense Against the Dark Arts should not, Nathaniel thought, have been a class anyone liked. For one thing, Professor Nash was kind of strict - though as much could be said of Professor Skies, and Professor Wright, though less intimidating than either of his colleagues, had not seemed very amused by whatever it was Parker Fitzgerald had done to Nathaniel’s cube in the finite incantatem lesson - and for another, the subject matter was terrifying. Was the outside world really so full of Dark witches and wizards that every single person needed to have a whole class dedicated, for at least five years, to learning to defend oneself against them? Nathaniel knew there were bad people in the world - his father was one of them - but there was a difference between just being a selfish horrible person and being the subject of this class.

All that made it logical to want to be somewhere else, but Nathaniel didn’t. At first, he had eyed the subject matter with uneasy fascination, but then the uneasiness had gradually started to fade, to the point where he sat up a little straighter in interest when Professor Nash announced that they were starting the dueling unit today. Dueling was a useful skill - he couldn’t imagine anyone casting a slight on Sylvia’s or his mother’s honor, of course, which would be the traditional use for the skill, but if the legions of all evil were on the loose in America the way the existence of this class implied they were, it was just practical to know how to protect his family better than other people knew how to attack them.

Because of this, he made note of Professor Nash’s advertisement for the dueling club. Additional techniques sounded like things to learn, plus they would help him make better marks.

After that lead-in, he had to admit that the Curse of the Boogers sounded...slightly anticlimactic, though he couldn’t deny that he was also glad he was the one who was going to try to put it on someone and not the person the receiving end. Sneezing would slow someone down for a minute even if there wasn’t the issue of what…’a lot’ of of snot was. It sounded like something that would make someone at least look very foolish.

The Shield Charm was not meant for first years, even in its easier form, but Nathaniel carefully wrote down what Professor Nash had to say about it anyway. Maybe he could practice later in his room - though where would he get the jinx from? Still, knowing couldn’t hurt anything, so he finished writing down his note anyway, and as a result, finished writing just after Professor Nash instructed them to pair off in first and second year teams. This helped spare him finding a partner, as he was still busy with capping his ink bottle and cleaning his quill tip and getting everything neatly put away when one of his next-door neighbors approached him.

His neighbors had posed something of a problem for Nathaniel. On one hand, much of the point of school was getting to know people and make connections and whatnot. On the other hand, it seemed somehow disrespectful to approach the older students and address them before they addressed him. Therefore, Dorian Montoir taking the initiative and proposing to partner with him suited Nathaniel well, and he smiled as he stood.

“Yes, thank you,” he said, a more or less automatic response to an invitation. “I’m Nathaniel Mordue, of the Oregon Mordues - nice to meet you.” He smiled again as he recognized the incongruity of saying he was pleased to meet someone who he was about to place a hex on, or try to. “Though it might be nicer somewhere else,” he added. “I’ve never done this before - are there any rules about how we stand, or when we start?” he asked, thinking it would also be rude to just start hexing an older student without so much as trying to show a little deference to Dorian’s superior experience here.

Once that was settled, Nathaniel had to try not to laugh at the slightly ridiculous feel of the situation - here they were, total strangers, and he was about to try to hex the other person! His mouth twitched noticeably and he gave Dorian an apologetic glance. "Sorry," he said. "It just - seems really strange to try to curse someone when we've just been saying hello. Ready?" Here went nothing. "Achoo," he said, pointing his wand straight at Dorian and trying to focus his whole mind on just that word.

  • This seems like the safest option (tag Nathaniel)Dorian Montoir, Teppenpaw, Sat Mar 3 21:59
    Dorian took a seat in defence with a heavy heart, which more or less how he always felt in this class. He hated it. It was violent and scary and full of things that he did not want to happen to him.... more
    • I take it you aren't a legilimens. — Nathaniel Mordue, Teppenpaw, Mon Mar 5 21:37
      • No, and I hope never to meet oneDorian, Tue Mar 6 06:21
        “Nice to meet you,” he echoed politely and reflexively. That bit was simple enough. There was a pause a fraction longer than might have been considered normal before he smiled at Nathaniel’s... more
        • We're on the same page there.Nathaniel, Wed Mar 7 14:40
          Nathaniel had noticed Dorian’s accent from the start, but couldn’t say that prepared him for the rather difficult sentence his question was answered with. It took him a moment too long, he feared,... more
          • “Yes,” Dorian confirmed hesitantly, when Nathaniel effectively asked if his home language was French. He was always torn when people said that kind of thing. He didn’t want to pretend that he didn’t... more
            • Nathaniel found Dorian’s suggestions on how to proceed a little easier to understand than his earlier remarks and nodded in agreement. “Right,” he said. A coup de grace would, he thought, be somewhat ... more
              • Aaaaand I'm bleedingDorian, Fri Mar 16 09:56
                Dorian wouldn’t have thought to bow, not spending any more time than he could help on the concept of duelling. Still, he was familiar with its customs, having grown up in a magical household, and he... more
                • Aaaand now you're notProfessor Daniel Nash, Sat Mar 17 21:14
                  Things were going about as well as could be expected when the assigned curse of the day involved snot. The second years were not doing awful, though enough snotty sneezes were going on around the... more
                  • That's the one good thing about this situation.Nathaniel, Mon Mar 19 06:49
                    That he had just asked a stupid question was something Nathaniel realized quickly. He didn’t recognize the word Dorian used - something-grey? Wasn’t that what ‘gris’ meant in French? - but he... more
                    • Everything else is pretty awfulDorian, Mon Mar 19 19:25
                      Dorian nodded, as Nathaniel apologised. He seemed genuinely startled and sorry by what had happened, and Dorian was willing to chalk it up to being an accident. A small part of his mind tried to... more
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